l-glutamine for leaky gut

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    I started taking l-glutamine (750 mg. capsule 1 per day) about 2 or 3 months ago, had read some good things about it (I can't remember exactly why I started it). It's a relatively small dose.

    I've noticed that an herbal combination I take for garden variety sniffles - yin chiao - has stopped irritating my colon after several days usage. In other words, after taking yin chiao for a couple of days, my intestines would get sore, would affect my appetite etc. so I had to stop. I recently was able to take yin chiao for a week straight with no ill effects (although unfortunately it did not help with the flu bug I was fighting).

    l-glutamine is supposed to help heal the intestinal wall and stop leaky gut syndrome, so I'm just wondering if that's what's happening. I've been hypersensitive to many things, many things made me detox quite a bit (e.g., apple cider vinegar or cayenne capsules) and now I'm wondering if I can tolerate those things now without a major detox.

    One article I read (on a commercial site so cannot post a link here) said that leaky gut causes the release of more toxins, makes detoxing more difficult, so it would make sense that if the gut was healed, there would be less detoxing - toxins would not be re-released back into the body.

    Actually today I took a couple of tablets of a systemic enzyme I've wanted to take for a long time, but couldn't because of detoxing. So far, no bad effects, although it was a small dose.

    l-glutamine is supposed to also be good for the immune system and lots of things, also IBS and so on.

    Just wanted to pass this on for those struggling with digestive issues - one more piece of the puzzle perhaps. It's also supposed to help prevent muscle wasting in people who are inactive due to illness, like AIDS - well, I'm certainly inactive! I want to read more about this, and whether I should increase the dose.