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    This is a really interesting post. I too suffer from delayed ejaculation and have been searching for something to help my situation for quite sometime now. One question in regards to the dosage, should what you state be taken everyday or is it sufficient to take as a one off before sex the same way Viagra would.
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    I think this is the key for me (one of the keys). I was researching low histamine diets and then came across another source which says that low histamine diets lower histidine too (not good). taking l-histidine may help control histamine. You gave dosing on how to raise histamine. but what is the dose to lower histamine?

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    So to lower histamine....take 500 mg of histidine and 15-20 mg of zinc? I take low low B6 as it is as I have problems in methylation and am depleted anyway here (B6).

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    Doing a research on l histidine I came across this old but very interesting post, which contradicts everything we have been told about l histidine and its role in allergies. Anyway, the reason I am interested in histidine is different. I have a chronic (non-bacterial) prostatitis and I 've read in many articles that actually the cause of non-bacterial prostatitis is still some kind of bacteria that the semen culture cannot reveal. The primary feed for bacteria in the prostate is nickel and l histidine is suggested in such cases as it binds to nickel. The reason I have not taken histidine so far is that I have chronic sinusitis and I was afraid that my symptoms would aggravate. I probably have already high histamine, because I ejaculate very quickly.
    So my question is: how do I take histidine for the purpose of making it bind to nickel (and NOT to zinc, which is vital to prostate functions and to people with prostate issues) while at the same time not raise histamine levels (or ideally even lower it)? Should I take 500mg histidine let's say in the morning and take 50 mg zinc plus a vit B complex supplement (I already take both) with dinner so that they don't interact to form histamine?