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    If they are normal hives, then hopefully it will help. You can read in the article about systemic causes for itching. The one I have seen the most often is gallbladder related. Thyroid problems can also cause constant itching. <BR>
    You might want to ask for a 24 hour urine cortisol test and see how your levels look. There are also companies that test for saliva levels (I think you do a collection every 6 hours). <BR>
    Some of the brands of histidine like TwinLab contain B6...you don't want that. The best sources are JoMar Labs in California and Beauty 'n Health (Montiff or Tyson brands). They are both available online. <BR>

    Have you looked for external causes? One of my daughters is so allergic to formaldehyde that she has to be very careful about her sheets. (I think it's either in the dye or the wrinkle-free treatment.) If it's constant, then it may be something you're exposed to every day. One of my granddaughters gets hives from dogs and cats. I can get them from polyester fabric. It can be quite a mystery!

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    for the help and advice! I finally got in to see a doctor that took me seriously, and he ordered about 5-6 lab tests for autoimmune disease, thyroid function, and other stuff.&lt;BR&gt;
    This &quot;thing&quot; that's going on is so unusual...at first it was hives, then severe itching that would travel from one body part to another, and it is always worse at night and right when I wake up. Sometimes hives appear with pressure (I rubbed an aloe leaf on my legs and hives popped up from the pressure)—sometimes my skin is kind of blotchy, and sometimes I can't see anything. &lt;BR&gt;
    Back in early January, I did the whole process of elimination thing, asking myself &quot;what has changed?&quot; Three things came to mind: the Christmas tree, the Dwarf Alberta Spruce miniature Christmas tree (which I had in the house), and the neighborhood cat we started feeding a few months prior. So, I put the trees outside and quit petting the cat and handling anything that he touched. No change. Now I am on 5-6 antihistamines, so things are better, but I can't live my life on so many allergy meds. &lt;BR&gt;
    It sounds like you and your family have really been through the wringer! I can't imagine how difficult it must be to be so allergic to so many things. Does your daughter have to use special detergent for clothes/sheets? &lt;BR&gt;
    I think the health food store carries Twinlab...is that an inferior brand or is it b/c it has B6 in it? Can B6 affect the histidine? &lt;BR&gt;
    Anyway, I'll let you know what the labs results are, if you're curious :)&lt;BR&gt;
    I doubt that they will reveal anything, though. &lt;BR&gt;
    Thanks again!&lt;BR&gt;
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    This is a really interesting post. I too suffer from delayed ejaculation and have been searching for something to help my situation for quite sometime now. One question in regards to the dosage, should what you state be taken everyday or is it sufficient to take as a one off before sex the same way Viagra would.
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    I think this is the key for me (one of the keys). I was researching low histamine diets and then came across another source which says that low histamine diets lower histidine too (not good). taking l-histidine may help control histamine. You gave dosing on how to raise histamine. but what is the dose to lower histamine?

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    So to lower histamine....take 500 mg of histidine and 15-20 mg of zinc? I take low low B6 as it is as I have problems in methylation and am depleted anyway here (B6).