L-lysine and Fibro/Chronic Fatigue

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    Hi, it's been awhile since I've been on here but recently I heard about L-lysine as a supplement for acid reflux, over stimulated digestive tract, and chronic fatigue (possibly fibro too) - all problems that I have. I was wondering if anyone here takes it and their experience with it. I did a search on here and everything seems to be old threads. My own research online about it says that it can lower LDL (a good thing) but I also have high triglycerides.

    My daughter is taking it for cold sores and I had Bells Palsy 2 years ago (might have been herpes virus related, but not conclusive).
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    I take it from time to time but am out of it now....I mostly take it to keep herpes virus under control.

    I also take Olive Leaf Extract every day for virus control, I don't have reflux issues...Lysine is a pretty innocent amino acid and why not give it a good trial for your issues. jam

    A friend swears by 3 peppermint drops in 1/4 glass distilled water with each meal....she is nagged by a history of acid reflux...this helps her a lot.
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    I have given it a try. Started yesterday. Woke up really achy, especially my back. Took it and feel better already. Hmmmm....might be working.
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    Thanks RadioFM.
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    pastorwife, what did you take that made you feel better.....I wake up EVERY DAY stiff and achy, worse with age and hip replacement mess....jam

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    I tried the L-lysine for 3 days. I thought it was helping. Now a weather front is coming with rain storms and I'm in misery. So, not sure how much help it really is. I'm going to continue it for awhile and see if overall it helps. Just right now, I'm in a major flareup so it didn't prevent that.
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    ummm weather does make a difference, we're always pretty sunny...but I'm realizing lately that I get a lot more flaring pain after I've taken a shower in the wicked fluoridated water our city pours into the water system....that and chlorine can't be good for us....I have not drank "F" water in moons....but do shower in it, not as often as I did before our city did this....I notice a big difference with pain. jam
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    I hadn't thought about the water. I go to an indoor pool for exercise. Maybe it's because of the chlorine? I'll have to keep track of flareups and swimming. It's the only exercise I can do as it keeps my body cool. If I overheat, I'm exhausted all day with the chronic fatigue. I don't drink public water, I buy spring water to drink (not purified either as they add stuff to it to "enhance the flavor").
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    If it's city water that fills the pool, MOST U.S. cities have fluoridated waters....not just chlorine....both are horrible chemicals and cause PAIN.

    We have a Y here with an indoor pool but as I understand it is oxygenated water. And it's on the cool side I've heard....
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    Just an FYI..... I stopped drinking city tap water 13 years ago. I drink only bottled spring water (reverse osmosis). I do not swim in chlorinated swimming pools. I've been taking L-Lysine since 2005. Your judgement in these areas is sound. The only thing I haven't really found a way to avoid is bathing and brushing of teeth in city water, as well as washing dishes in it.

    I avoid it as much as possible. I go through a lot of wet-wipes with aloe daily and only subject my body to hot soaks in the tub for the muscles 3 times weekly. I use spring water to make my tea, lemonade, and other drinks...etc.

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    Now if one lives in Portland, Albequerque, Santa Fe, Witchita, Honolulu, Fairbanks to name just 6, these cities have rejected or removed fluoride from their public city waters....There are 100's more including Santa Barbara but I've named large cities.....who no longer or never did buy into this public enemy.... I will be taking a shower tomorrow and it will be interesting to see how much pain I have the rest of the day/night.....Our SKIN is our largest organ....Our area did this mess in 2008. I am so angry at our decision makers here... jam
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    Hi Pastorwife, I take a really good lysine called.. Super Lysine plus, made by Quantum health.
    it has
    L-Lysine 1500mg
    vit c 100mg
    calcium 29mg
    garlic bulb odorless 200 mg
    echinecea whole plant 100 mg
    propolis 25 mg
    licorice root 15 mg
    I take at the first signs of HHV6 or EBV flairing.It usually does the trick for me along with many other suppliments and herbs I take. Right now I'm on it because I have several pea and lima bean size lumps in my neck glands and sore lumps in the lymph glands in my armpits. I'm in a major viral overload at this time and I have lyme disease with 4 co-infections along with ME/CFIDS and FM. I'm going to a specialist soon to try to get a better handle on it all because there is so much going on in my body and right now it all has me feeling very sick chasing my tail not knowing what symptom is from what issue. I'm praying alot! Well if you ever see the Super Lysine Plus I would highly recommend it for the HHV6. I hope it helps you some. I hope you start feeling better soon.
    Blessings ~ Sally