l?, my dog may need chemo, thinking of selling on Ebay

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    but don't know a thing about it. I've only been a buyer.

    I don't have much to sell, some Hummels(sp) I don't understand why the book says they are worth hundreds, but then they are on E-bay for $40.

    Is it worth me selling when I only have a few things? i don't drive, so I'd have to wait for my husband to ship the stuff, how do you find out postage and all that?

    I'm panicking, I can't work, I'm on disability, mostly bedridden, and my beloved dog has been fighting caner, I know some of you have been very kind over the last few weeks w/my struggles w/all this.

    I find out next week if he will need chemo or not, but we are struggling finacially, but I will sell anything if it will possibly keep my boy w/me.
    Thanks for any suggestions,
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    Do you have a university veterinary medicine anywhere near you? When my Claire (cat) had cancer my vet office set me up with a program through the University of Wisconsin Veterinary School of Medicine to do a serious of chemo and drug treatment which was free because it was for the students to learn how to do these procedures. They are still watched by a licensed veterinarian but this way you can get treatment for your pet either free or very discounted price.
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    I'd die first!

    Thanks you all had good advice.

    I've asked about selling coins and gold, I just don't know where to go, who I could trust to give me the best deal.

    I will check out the E-bay fee's, that's why I don't think it would be good. I don't have a lot to sell, and it's a the whim of other's tastes.

    My dog got a good check up Praise God!! But should I need to the teaching school is a good question to ask about.

    I still need money, our car has 250,000 miles on it and husband drives 2 hrs total for work.

    His work has been slow, lost some client's, it's been a tough year. Dog surgeries, expensive supplement's for him, the above mentioned job,gas, etc.

    I can't work, we don't have anything to cut out, we just need more coming in!

    Thanks to all who responded. I will continue to try to think something up!

    Blessings to you,
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    I'm trying to remember if it was Dar or who it was that sold some gold and got some pretty good prices. Do you maybe have some gold you could sell?

    I do sell on Ebay as well and I have found lately I have better luck selling a few items on Craigslist. I had a few antiques that were just sitting around and we needed the extra cash.