l need help with diets please

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  1. freedom67

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    Hi everyone, l am new to this support group but from what l see in the chat room l love it here. l am sorry however that so many people have fibro, l was wondering if any one has a diet plan they live by and could you please send it to me. l am at the point of trying anything again just in case l missed something before.l am so sick of spending heaps of money on products that promise relief, they either dont work or they do but l cant afford them...please help

  2. Annette2

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    Glad to meet you. There are a few types of diets that a lot of people here use - Atkins and Somercising are some of them. But mainly people with FMS and CFS are told to stay away from:

    white flour, white sugar, white rice
    yeast products
    sugar substitutes
    processed foods

    Try to eat as "natural" as possible. Fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry. Drink LOTS of water too. A lot of us suffer from reactive hypoglycemia, meaning we'll eat carbs, which then turns into glucose (sugar), making our blood sugar go up, and then drop way down. It's important to eat enough protein to keep this from happening. And to eat small meals throughout the day. I'm basically giving you an overview, and I hope others will write and be more specific.

    Hope to see you here again!

  3. klutzo

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    Annette summed it up very well. Fibro people tend to have very poor carbohydrate metabolism. A high protein diet usually works best, but we are all different.
    I love The Metabolic Typing Diet, which is also a book of that name, and allows you to customize your diet to the one you are genetically designed to be on.
  4. Sunshyne1027

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    I am going to a nutritionist soon, week after next. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the diet info. It helped so much! Wanting to go on the Atkins myself.

  5. Drea

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    I have many food allergies and feel my symptoms have greatly decreased since eliminating certain foods. I have tailored my diet so I have stable blood sugar throughout the day which helps very much. As far as the Atkins diet I would strongly recommend against it. I myself am a nutrition counselor and know the dangers of it. It made me feel a lot worse since it cuts out many important nutrients from the diet. Also, our bodies fuel is glucose which comes from carbohydrates. Without a certain amount of carbohydrates our brains and our organs cannot function. Not to mention the damage too much protein does to our bodies. The key is the right carbohydrates in the right amounts. I am here to help you if you have any questions.
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    On this diet you can't have rice or potatoes. what can you have with meat for dinner.I for one don't like cooked vegetables.what would I use.

  7. Drea

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    Brown rice and sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index so they dont cause blood sugar spikes. They are good complex carbohydrates with many vitamins and minerals to energize and help your body function properly. Just be sure to eat a correct serving size. When you eat too much is when you run into problems. When things say you cant have rice and potatoes they generally mean white rice and white potatoes. You can try eating raw vegetables or slightly steam them so they dont taste cooked but are easier to digest.
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    Hi! I don't do any special diet, but I recently joined a Fibromyalgia support group in my area. Some of the members have been affected with fibro for 20 years or more, although I don't think it went by the term fibromyalgia back then. Their basic advice was to avoid carbohydrates like the plague. For some reason, the fibromyalgic body does not process carbohydrates effectively. They also recommended the Ezekiel bread, which I have not tried yet. But I have cut down my carbs and I can say it does help. And I have lost 13 pounds so I guess I am on the right track with it. Good luck!
  9. teach6

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    I have been plagued with weight gain for over a year now and finally realized that I needed to get serious about it. So I went back to my good friend Weight Watchers.

    They offer an adaptable plan that you can tailor to fit your needs. You can choose to eat fewer carbs and more protein and that's fine. You can actually eat anything you want, within limits.

    It's only been a week and a half, but I am seeing a loss already, which is so welcome after gaining two to three pounds a month for so long.

    I have cut caffiene, aspertame, sodas, and highly processed foods from my diet as much as possible.

    Good luck!