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    Hello Everyone,

    I posted here a while back on how I was dealing with a horrilbe bought of depression (from CFS/FMS). Anyway I wanted to post some positive news that L-Tryptophan helped my depression tremendosly. I take Optimized Tryptopure plus by Life Extension ( I love their products and am a member). It took about 3 weeks to really notice the difference, but it helped so much!! I am feeling better mentally! I take 1000mg 2X or 3X a day, (rotating that every other day) I have been taking it for a few months now.

    I have tried various antidepressants many years back, and swore never again! The side effects for me were either horrific, or they made me an emotional zombie!

    Now If I could just find something natural for this pain!!

    Anyway, I am not a doctor or selling anything, I just wanted to give some positive feedback as to what helped me, and maybe it will help someone else!

  2. caroleye

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    Yes, I'm only able to take l,000 mg at night, and it also helps with my sleep. Pain is another issue. I try all kinds of things..........Painease, Stopain, Arnica Montana 30C, M.J., and unlike most people don't agree, for me if I don't have my Potato Vodka before dinner, I have no appetite, my mood's down, pain's up, and I can have a mini-seizure. Doesn't take alot to help all, and now that the recent studies are showing that alcohol is being used for dementia & alzheimers, I'm on that path.

    Glad you're spreading the word Dovel.

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