Lab has epilepsy

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Khalyal, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Khalyal

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    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has any experience with epilepsy in dogs?

    My lab is 8 years old. He started having some kind of seizures when he was around 5.

    When the seizures come on, he starts moving as if he's got weights tied to his legs and he's trying to throw them off. Then he kind of hunches all up and gets shaky.

    The vet seems to feel that the seizures are mild enough to NOT treat with meds. We've tried to control them as much as we can by trying to determine what sets them off. I find that if I keep his protein intake on the low side, he seems to not have them as often, but the other thing that seems to set them off is overexcitement, and we are talking about a hundred pounds of overexciteablility here.

    Again, controlling his protein intake seems to cut down on the energy level, but he gets sprung from time to time when he is playing with my older dog and just pings off the walls.

    He's well behaved but exuberant. I don't want to make an old man out of him before it's time, but I'm not sure of what balance to strike with him on a quality of life level.

    Do any of you have any experience with this?

  2. bozey

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    We had a lab that had seizures. Not too often. But when we were home and he had one, we immediately got him to lay down.

    And then one of us would hold him down, cause he kept trying to get up, and then one of us would use a calming voice and rub his head and body and tell him it would be okay.

    His eyes looked scared at the time. But afterwards, he would be fine.

    I often wondered how often he had them when we weren't home. The reason we had him lay down is so he wouldn't hurt himself.

    He lived to be 15. I'm sure it was cause he was so spoiled.

  3. Khalyal

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    How reassuring to hear that your baby lived to be 15!

    That's exactly what we do with our lab when he has an episode. And he gets that same scared look in the eyes when he is having one. I wonder too, about how often he has an attack without us being here, but since he seems to have them less often when he is quiet, I'm thinking he probably doesn't have them so much when we are gone. I know for a fact that they both head for the couch and watch Scooby Doo when we leave! lol

    On the quality of life thing, I don't think that he's in danger of dying from this, but I have thought from time to time that maybe I should keep him on a sedative. However, I just don't want to rob his joy from him. He's such a happy, drooly, bouncy, slob of a guy.

    Thanks for sharing