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    So my lab results are back and this is what Dr. Pellegrino recommended:

    Lyme: negative

    EBV: showed past exposure but no current

    Vit. D: normal

    magnesium: lowest end of normal

    B12: lowest end of normal

    IGF(immune growth factor 1): lowest end of normal

    Based on the "low end of normal" results, he recommends taking "FibroCare" which contains magnesium (among other things), colostrum supplements (to increase my immunity), and Vit. B12 tablets that go under your tongue.

    My question is: if these are all within "normal" range, do I really need to supplement? Does anyone else supplement who has tested into "low-normal" range? Also, the FibroCare has magnesium, manganese, B1, B6, C, and malic acid. Would this be preferable over just a straight magnesium supplement?

    The reason I'm asking is because Dr. Pellegrino sells these supplements at his office (and I'm NOT saying he is only in the business of making money however he can), but it still begs the question "if my levels are in the normal range, should I really supplement"?? Thanks for any and all advice!

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