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  1. street129

    street129 New Member

    received my lab test back today, its says, T3 uptake 36 [22-35]

    its high, can someone explain this in being high, ........i feel horrible.thanks
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  2. daylight

    daylight New Member

    T3 tested is usually ordered when there is an abnormallity in the TSH and T4 test. Your doctor was probably looking for hyperthyroidism. With your T3 at 36 it "might" be mildly hyper. but these results could also be caused by taking HRT's (estrogens). That is if you take them .
    Try not to worry it's not to high. =)

    Here is a link from Labtestsonline
  3. street129

    street129 New Member

    as of right now, im not taking anything at all, i dont like how i feel. i feel awfully sick.
  4. daylight

    daylight New Member

    I know its hard, I have hypothyroidism and possibly parathyroid problems.
    I hope that you get a doctors appointment soon to discuss treatment .
    Thyroid problems can make you feel pretty cruddy . I hope your feeling better soon.