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    Hi all, I just received a copy of first lab tests from LLMD. My CD-57 has dropped from 48 to 21 in just a few months. Of course I am not being treated for anything yet. Also a repeat of my EBV tests shows super high EBVAB VCA IGG and EBV Nuclear Antigen Ab, Igg. No surprise here, I had mono at 7. The problem is an iffy Igenex. I have this sinking feeling that my Dr. will tell me I have reactivated EBV and not Lyme. Then why the CD-57 and worsening symptoms?I guess I will have to look for another Dr. till I get a diagnosis. Oh well, I am jumping the gun. My next appt is in June. Also, my sed rate was 3. I believe Dr. Chaney says CFS people have some of the lowest sed rates. I am so frustrated because I just want to start some treatment. My patience is at an all time low. Also, I really believe that CFS is Lyme. Help, thanks, Jess