Lab work suggestions, please?

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  1. scottabir

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    Hello everyone.
    I am going to see my PCP next week to have some lab work done. My Insurance wont pay to have Hemex do any of my lab work so I am going to have a list of what I want done.

    This is where I need your help. Is there anything you can suggest I have done?

    This is what I have so far:
    Protein C
    Protein S

    which tests should I have for thyroid?

    Any help will be appreciated!

  2. Princessraye

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    as I would like to know this information also.
    Good luck Abi
  3. Applyn59

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    For thyroid you need to have TSH, T4- total and free,T3
    and thyroid antibodies, I believe.

    Have you been tested for lupus and Rh. Arthritis?

    Good luck. Will be interested to see how your dr.
    responds to your requests. There are other labs
    who do similar testing to Hemex that insurance will
    cover- from what I have read online.

  4. mystijul

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    It is very important to test your Free T3 & Free T4 levels when testing for thyroid. The standard TSH test often misses all but extreme cases. You can be really sick and still test normal, though, because what it normal on the test may not be normal for you.
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    The most useful tests for FM/CFS patients may be tests for tick borne illnesses, a blood culture for staphylococcus, and a MRI of the sinuses.
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