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  1. glenda2

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    you and i are alot alike from where we live to our intrest and our age oh and of course our illness

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    just checked your profile, what an adorable grandbaby you have...I don't have any yet, but maybe one day.

    What part of KY are you from? I am from northeast Ky.
    I think I have had fibro for most of my adult life, but only diagnosed about 5 years ago.

    Having a really bad day, so it was nice to see your message.

  3. glenda2

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    i have had fibro most of my adult life also. yeah my grandson keeps me (wanting) to go on i pray alot!!!!! i am also having a bad day. i hope yours and mine gets better. iam from western kentucky. close to illinois. (paducah) ever been here? it's nice. i have lived in ill. tenneesse 2 dif. places there and here in paducah 2 times.

  4. laceymae

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    I lived at Ky Dam for about 2 years when I was little. My Dad was chef there. I went to a little school in Gilberstville. It is so beautiful there. I went back about 30 year ago and we talk about going back there again sometime, but it is a 6 hour drive and I just don't think I can do that.

    today has been a better day, about got everything put back together after our water leak. had to replace floor and wall in daughters bedroom. I can't believe hubby and myself got it done this quick.

    Hope you have a good weekend...lacey