Lack of Endorphins, Is there a connection? to my dd

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  1. Ridge-Runner

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    OK where do I start? I was posting to a thread here a couple days ago,when the small light blub in my brain came on, it was a little dim,but brighter than normal. LOL

    The post was someone telling us about her new tattoo,ok so I'm into tattoos,I asked if she felt better after the tattoo was done,I don't think she ever answered. I was tring to find out if anyone else felt better after getting a tattoo,because of the endorphins our bodies produce. Later someone else said be careful tattoos can be come addictive, I already knew that I'm covered with them (not completely)lol.

    Then why do some of us become addicted to something so painful,it must be the endorphins. I felt much better overall last year when I was getting tattooed nearly every week. My artist took a vacation of sorts,haven't had any work done at all this year,I feel the worse I have yet,worst crash ever this summer. I have felt bad since I quit drinking seven years ago.(might be a connection)

    So I did a little research:
    I am in no way implying that this decribes anyone other than myself,wanted to see if this makes sense to anyone else. It might make you go Hmmmmmmmmm!

    I knew basicly what endorphins were,but didn't realize how important they were.
    Endorphins technically are polypeptides;groups of neurotransmitters,
    hormone-like chemicals that work something like morphine
    they affect mood;preception of pain,memory,retention and learning(any of this starting to sound familiar?)
    they enhance our immune system;activate anti-stress hormones
    have anti-aging effects by removing Superoxide,block the lesion of blood vessel.
    High levels of endorphins are thought to cause a trance like state as seen in people with Autisim.
    Low levels are thought to cause severe headaches.

    There are twenty types,the four main are:
    alpha,beta,gamma and sigma. The most effective being beta,having the most euphoric effect on the brain.
    beta is composed of 31 ammino acids.

    Endorphins are believed to be slimulated by:
    prolonged exercise(no thanks)
    massage,acupuncture,meditation,yoga,deep breathing,
    music,ribald laughter,chiropractic adjustment,
    hydrotheraphy,spicy food(chili peppers) and of course sex(you all knew that) and I'm sure there are many more.
    It seems many of us are involved in these types of activites,why? because they make us feel better! OH I forgot,how could I forget? CHOCOLATE, is the most popular endorphin producing food.

    Ok,the connection with endorphins and alcohol and drug abuse. Those of us that are genetically predetermined to become abusers apparently produce very low levels of endorphins. So when we start drinking we get a temporary relief of our depleted endorphin levels.

    As we drink more and more to basically feel "normal" our liver starts to help us out. (thanks liver) An alcoholics liver converts alcohol to acetaldehyde at double the rate of a non alcoholic,thats why we can drink more. BUT,the liver doesn't breakdown the acetaldehyde to acetic acid any faster,so you end up with a build up.

    After a time the acetaldehyde spills into the blood stream causing wide spread damage (heart) etc. When it reaches the brain it blocks and replaces the neurotransmitters. These new excess neurotransmitters combine with the excess acetaldehyde to form tetrahydroisoquindines (THIQ's) these behave like opiates,causing the same pain-killing effects as morphine or heroin.

    This tells me my body turned me into an alcoholic because of my low level or lack of endorphins. It actually produces its own endorphin replacement. Which also limits the production of natural endorphins,so you get caught in vicious cycle,you crave alcohol to fuel your self produced opiates,the (THIQ's),in order to maintain a sense of well being. Little wonder I've felt like crap the last seven years,since I quit drinking,no or low endorphin production and no more THIQ's being produced either.

    Sooo,Is there anything I can do? Maybe,I told you above that beta endorphins were composed of ammino acids,so there are nutritional supplements that might help.

    tyrosine and phenylalanine are precursors to neurotransmitters. Phenylalanine protects naturally produced endorphins,extending their life span. This is in diet soda,the reason for the disclaimer,apparently harmful to people with a protein processing problem? Not real sure!

    tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin

    the following are neurotransmitter ammino acids:
    glutamic acid
    aspartic acid

    Before I do anything I'll check with my DR to see if ammino acids might be helpful, I did read somewhere they could be harmful if taken incorrectly,ie taken when not needed or should be taken in combination rather than singularly.

    Again,these are just ideas from a brain storm I had and everything seemed to fit together.
    The only research I did was from the internet(please don't hold me accountable)Anyone can post anything there.

    All seemed to make sense to me,but I have brain fog too!
    I am not an expert in these areas,except I do have first hand alcohol abuse experience. Enough of the disclaimers,you know what I mean. Take it all with a grain of salt,think about it,let me know what you think.

    Sorry its so long. Sorry about spelling etc.

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  2. Jen102

    Jen102 New Member

    and google "low dose naltrexone". You will be amazed at what you find. jen
  3. nice2meetu

    nice2meetu New Member

    I have tried on and off for years to exercise. I was always seeking that great endorphin rush they call a runners high. Guess what? I have NEVER ever felt better after exercise. In fact I usually feel so bad I am forced to quit. Could there be a connection? Yeah I think so definately.
  4. Ridge-Runner

    Ridge-Runner New Member

    Thats also interesting. Will talk to my Dr about LDN.
  5. elsa

    elsa New Member

    You write beautifully! Just thought I'd through that one out there,LOL.

    You are right on a lot of fronts. I take several amino acids and they are helping me greatly. You do have to learn which one works well with others and which need to be taken on their own. All pretty much need to be taken on an empty stomach.

    I posted a topic not too long ago on amino acids. You might want to put it in the search. There may be some information in it that interests you.

    Also, on that thread another member posted her experience with amino acid therepy and listed a good doctor to put in google search for more in depth info.

    Amino acid therapy has helped me greatly. That an naturally adjusting hormones with bio-identical compounds have made a hugh difference. Not just the usual hormone suspects, but the HPA axis so influenced by CFS/FM.

    I enjoyed your post. I hope this helps some.

    Take care,

  6. Ridge-Runner

    Ridge-Runner New Member

    I have a Drs appointment in a couple days,I will definitely talk to him about ammino acids.
    Thanks Again,
  7. tcluna

    tcluna New Member

    low dose naltrexone !!!!!!!!!!! :) good luck it works great.
  8. Ridge-Runner

    Ridge-Runner New Member

    I'm in Minerva, about 10 miles from Northway exit 26.

    I'm currently being seen at the VA clinic in Elizabethtown. was being seen in Glens Falls several years ago, same old story all in my head, at least this guy finally dx CFS.

    I did try going thru Hudson Headwaters in North Creek, they had me on celabrex,made me worse.

    take care,
  9. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Just curious ... did you get a chance to speak with your doctor about amino acid therapy? It has helped me a great deal.

    Since I take tramadol which effects serotonin re-uptake I really needed to balance that out. I have been on the herbal mucuna pruriens for a while now.

    It gets standardized to l-dopa ... that leads to dopamine production. Different products contain different l-dopa %'s.

    I get mine through a ND and it is standardized to 60% l-dopa. This has made a hugh difference in my life ... all on the up beat, positive and motivated side.

    There are other AAcids that can help in reducing the pain too.

    I just wanted to check in with you and share how well AAcid therapy is working for me. I hope you are doing well.

    Take care,


    I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for volunteering to serve in the Air Force. Thank you for being willing to put your life on the line to protect me.

    It means alot ... specially since you have never laid eyes on me, yet the outcome is the same. Because of you, and others, I am home and safe and sound. God Bless....


  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I think piercings may have the same effect. After I got my navel pierced, I felt like I had a runner's high for weeks. It was only after the tenderness in the site of the piercing healed that it went away. Other than my ear lobes, I have no desire to get more piercings, but it was definitely a high.

    After I had facial surgery, I went into a temporary, but complete, remission. I thought it was due to the Famvir I had to take, but I now wonder whether just having the surgery contributed to it. Perhaps when our bodies have small wounds, they respond by releasing endorphins to help the healing.

    This leads me to wonder whether those addicted to inflicting self-injury get some kind of high or whether it's a totally different thing.

    Interesting discussion.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Ridge-Runner

    Ridge-Runner New Member

    I asked my Dr about Amino Acids,he wasn't very helpful. He said something about omega fish oil,said not to spend too much money on them.

    I'll look into it myself,with what you've told me,should get me started in the right direction.


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