Lack of interest!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rbtheidmanhabs, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. rbtheidmanhabs

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    You said it!I have no interest in sex at all.I know my wife is frustrated but she is generally very good about it.I just have no feeling for it because I am so tired all the time and hurt all over and I am a 53 yr.old man.I really wish there was something I could do.
  2. karen55

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    something you can do, you can just enjoy lying down/cuddling with your wife. If you haven't read the other post (Sex question I must ask) by WifehasFMS, you should. And remember too, that a healthy sex life is not just about the act itself, as someone else posted.
    Something to consider also, as we get older, we are less likely to want to hop into the sack 24/7. My hubby and I make love a lot less frequently than we did even 3 years ago, when we were first married, but when we do, it's quality sex, emotionally and physically. Personally, for me, the day to day kisses and touching and emotional connection are really more important than the act itself.