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    I have typical FMS symptoms, pain, insomnia,tired,depressed. Everyone in my family nearly has some health issues and nobody understands this. I work allday and can barely put one foot inform of the opther when I get home. I dont complain ,when they ask how I am I just say fine becasue it really doesnt matter what I say. As long as I do what needs to be done. I dont want to worry my son and he is the only one that really cares. SO, I just suffer in silence and cry in my car and bed at night.... and pray. Reading these posts seems to help to see others are feeling the same as me physically anyway. SOmetimes I am just at the end of my rope. I take many meds and still pain, still little sleep and depression is gwtting more and more.
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    that you could cry on their shoulder?

    You need to have some relief verbally. Are you saying your husband does not care about how you are feeling? I know others have things to deal with too, but if both of you are dealing with health issues it should be easier to work together.

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    This is one of the hard challenges we face as FM sufferers.

    If I can make a few suggestions, in the past went I felt no one was on my side or understood I flat out asked them “do you understand that most days I do not feel well”

    Also I had left very short article or maybe a copy of a good post around the house so that my family would see it.

    Get a book to help them understand. Show them support but let them know that sometime you need support too.

    Find a support group in your area that you can attend.

    And by all means let your son be a shoulder to cry on. I don’t know how old he is, but he sounds like he wants to help his mom.

    We are also here.

    My thoughts are with you
  4. chp1298

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    Maybe it is beter to say I dont feel any support. My husband loves me and asks how I am but I dont feel like it really matters to him. He has back problems and he is all wrapped up in himself and it just feels as if as long as I make the $ and take care of all things at home it doesnt matter how I am. I can never just go to bed like I read others say. I get nerve blcks and steroid shots to try to keep going but sometimes it is almost impossible. I missed 6 months of work last yeat on STD but had to come back or lose my job. My family depoends on me and I think it just gets to me that I have to be the one everyone depends on and I have no one. I dont have anyone I can talk to, I dont want my friends to feel sorry for me.
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    My son is 21 and he takes the burden of the world on his shoulders and I dont want to add to it. His father is sick and he has so much responsibility already. He always asks how I am and I always say fine no matter what. He looks at me and knows I am not telling the truth sometimes but lets it go. He is a wonderful young man and I dont want him to feel responsible for me.
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    but he can be and ear. Tell him you don't want him to fix anything just to listen. Don't worry that you are putting to much on him, I bet he can hanlde a lot more than you think.

    Also he will feel like he is helping by listen and it will easy a little of your depression.

    let him be your sounding board.
  7. lvjesus

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    of a chance to help you that he would value. Remember the days when he was young and you would be sick? Is he the type to bring you drinks and "nurse" you?

    You have taken care of him all your life and maybe he wants to give back to you. When we bless others with love and caring, it blesses us too, sometimes more than the ones we help.

  8. chp1298

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    I really just need someone that would listen and let me cry and complain. I am tired of being the strong one. I guess I am feeling pretty sorry for myself but I have been having a flare for a month and I have seriously thought of many bad things it has been so bad. The no sleep and having to be up and out by 530 am is the toughest.
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    You seem to know where I am coming from. No one understands. I know I need help and I have exhausted my FMLA at work and can barely get off for drs apptments.