lacking O2 = increase in pain level?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Claypot, Aug 16, 2005.

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    I have fibro.. had it for yrs. And just this past week I've learned that I have Emphysema too. And I'm wondering how the lack of O2 will effect my muscles and pain levels... does anyone know? It seems like I should know this.. but I might be in a fibro fog with this diagnosis so new to me...I know I feel as though I do have more pain in the last yr or so... but am not sure if its possibly related to the lack of oxygen getting to my muscles. ANYONE????

    Thanks for any info you may help me with;
  2. tamsyn

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    It's my understanding that low perfusion of o2 into the muscles does indeed cause an increase in muscle pain. For exmaple, in many people with FMS, the chemical action whereby blood oxygen goes into working muscles is compromised...exercise therefore leads to pain. Also, Dr Paul Cheney has just released a landmark study of CFS patients where he found they had low cardiac outut in litres per minute. This meant that they were getting less o2 to the muscles...and their pain levels went up. I do not know anything about ephysema itself in relation to FMS, but if it leads to less o2 in the muscles, it seems reasonable to suppose that this condition too might increase muscle pain.Could you ask your doc who's caring for your ephysema about this?
  3. searoselilly

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