Lactate / Milk / Oxygen

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    Can someone explain how the above three work on our muscles and rest of the body?

    The CFIDS doctor webinar mentioned that people have CFS have more lactate in their brain.

    And, I tried to Google it and found it has some connection to oxygen, although I did not understand any of it.

    And, I am drinking milk shakes to gain weight, since I have been losing weight. It seems to be working. But, is there a problem with my drinking milk and lactate?

    Anyone explain this to me in layman's terms, possibly even CFS brain fog terms?

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    and the enzyme needed to digest it is lactase.

    No relation (that I know of) to lactate (aka lactic acid) which is produced in the body by the muscle cells partway through the energy-production cycle - and over-produced when carbohydrates are inefficiently burned for fuel due in part to a lack of oxygen in the muscles.
  3. hi all,

    i cant explain about lactate/milk.but i do think that we are very much lacking oxygen.

    ever since a paramedic told me to listen to my heart when its fluttering bad,then im to breath in slowly through my nose,to totaly fill my lungs.

    then hold the breath a bit.then release the breath through the nose.and do this slowly and often.

    well ever since ive been doing it,i got a tingle in my belly seemed as if a muscle was strengthening.

    i got tingles in my fingers and toes.

    its easy for me to forget to do this breathing thing,and i feel its very important to try and train the brain to know that it needs to fully inflate our lungs.

    it seems it only partly fills them up.and needs correcting on this often.

    this kind of reminds me as to why polio patients were put in a iron lung.

    a machine was doing something to their body,which enabled their lungs to work to their full capasity.

    its like our brain has forgotten the regular pattern of normal breathing,so we are oxygen deprevated.

    while im off work,i can make sure i help my brain to remember to fill my lungs up to full capasity.

    but what will happen if im able to return to work,and am that busy doing work chores,that i forget to breath properly?you know,forget to remind my brain to do it?

    love fran
  4. hi all,

    i go to see a specialist at ear,nose and throat department,at my local hospital on monday 16th june 2008.

    as i have a blister thing on my face,right near the left nasal hole.

    then i have sores inside both nostrils.

    ive just finished putting a nasal antibiotic cream in my nose.

    i was advised to go over the said five days treatment,to see if the blister would go away.

    it hasnt gone away,and is slowly filling up with fluid again.

    anyway,im flushing my nasal passages out with pre boiled tap water,that is now extremely cold in my fridge.

    ive managed to keep both of my nosrils un blocked,thank goodness.

    i noticed fibres from outdoors were always blocking my nasal passages.

    now im washing them out,i feel these fibres are getting stuck at the back of my throat,and they nearly make me sick,as my body tries to free up my throat.

    but im trying to remain calm.slowly breathing through the nose,no matter what.

    but id had to go down the town yesterday,to get some shopping.

    my husband has increased his work hours this week,and im left to cope alone,so i had no choice but to have to venture outdoors for some food.

    why does he choose to increase his work hours,when ive gotten so ill,and need his support?

    he always treats me like this when ive had illness or operations,its like he,s scared,and he abandons me.nevermind.

    when i couldnt breath,i had to struggle to shout for his help six times,and he slowly comes to me.i just said get me help,i need hospital help.thats when the paramedic came to help me,thank goodness.

    while outdoors,i had a terrible time with the vertigo,and couldnt seem to keep my regular pattern of breathing going,through the nose.

    so when i got back home,i went to wash my sinuses out with cold water.

    it felt like i was suffocating,and i did feel heart palpatations start up.

    but my gut feeling said.

    put a little vicks just on the outside of the nasal passages,and then put a face mask on,just for 10 mins.

    i lay down on the bed,on my right side,and breathing in slowly through the nose,this blockage released,and i felt fibres go into the back of my throat.

    i coughed them out into a tissue.

    anyway,this did free up my nasal passages,and then i washed them out with cold water again.

    so yesterday i was able to keep breathing through my nose,and kept on reminding my brain that,this is the way we need to forgets sometimes.

    and this morning when i woke up,i felt so much clearer in my head.had more oxygen in me,i could feel a difference.

    take care all.

    ill let you know what happens at the hospital on monday.
  5. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    Back to the lactate question.


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