lactic acid aches in arms

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    is there a connection with Hypercoagulation/sticky blood and Pulmonary Fibrosis? My symptoms are: crashing fatigue, hyperreflexes in knees, cognitive problems, lactic acid like achiness in arms sometimes, depression, brain fog, 3 lesions on my brain, just when I am about to speak, not too often, I forget what i'm going to say after the first word or two, three comes out... It is soooo embaressing! Sleep problems, last week I had tightness in my chest and for three weeks sporadically i've had diarrhea really bad with of course, stomach cramps... I went to doc. and she says my diarrhea and tightness in chest is just that i'm stressed (no reason to be stressed except of this DD. I went to Neuro. and now when my reflexes in knees are tested my legs flys up and my whole body jerks... Does anyone have all of what i've got... I really don't think anyone does because with CFS/FMS it seems like everyone is different like a fingerprint! Any connection of pulmonary fibrosis and hypercoagulation/sticky blood?
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    Appart from the Lesions on brain but i have to see a phyciatrist in September and will ask him to test for these
    My arms have been feeling heavy and hurting for weeks now i can't pick anything up or carry anything i just thought the pain in the muscles must travel to diffrent areas of the body from legs to back to neck to arms etc and it is driving me mad as they hurt so much even to lay in bed at night they hurt even when not moving i will also ask that doctor about hypercoagulation/sticky blood
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    The same pain from wake up to nap time growing as it goes.Describe to my Dr as "Blood Feels Like it does not want to flow"I am not aware of lessions on my brain, but I'm sure there are many things i'm unaware of.The loss of words is becoming increasingly difficult,as I am not wanting to leave house alone-Anxiety of not speaking or forgetting where I'm going or where I belong.The arm pain feels what i believe cement encased arms would feel like. I do experience chest pains and my Dr said myalgia build ups on heart muscle can cause chest discomfort.IBS/LGS also very common to me.Watching intake,keeping as natural as possible have been the best results for me w/accidilphos w/meals.I have not had "normal" blood ranges since 1999,hypercoagulation did offer issues during Bi-lateral ankel stabilization. I now have extra scar tissue riddled w/what i think is infection as it is always discolored and painful.Dr says possible,but no insurance halts investigation.Great Point/Question. Peace,Ez
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    Ive been reading on autoimmune diseases and lesions on the brain and hyperreflexes are usually a symptom/sign of MS. Ask your Neuro about it. I can relate to the other symptoms unfortunately. No fun. I am not sure about PF/sticky blood but someone on the board Im sure will help you with that. BLessings, Iggy
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    Do your forearms swell, too?
    My upper arms hurt all the time but the
    area right below the elbow on th e forearm
    gets very swollen. Big huge hump that aches.
    Anyone else and it this related to lactic acid?
    I have asked drs. and they seem stumped.
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    if it is the lactic acid in my arms. But Neuro mentioned this when I tried to explain the achyness in arms... Why is this achyness staying? I gather that it must be that this DD is progressing.