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    I have been reading old posts about lactic acid build-up in the muscles but didn't see any suggestions what to do about it. When I first developed fribromyalgia some 3 years ago I had a hair analysis test which showed calcium/magnesium imbalance and it was suggested that I wasstoring calcium in the muscles which contributed to the pain. Since then I have been taking magnesium but not calcium and have not noticced any improvement in the pain.

    Would lactic acid build up cause the twitching and pulling in the fibres near the joints? Would rebounding,/ bouncing help?

    Nothing I have tried in the last three years has lasted for long to relieve the pain.
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    I don't really know the answeres to your questions.. But I know my chiroprator always talks to me about he lactic acid building up.

    Now today the Dentist I went to for TMJ/TMD said the same thing.

    They both tell me that the best thing is heat. The heat brings the blood and the blood pushes out the lactic acid.

    I have one of the rice things that you put in the microwave. It does help a little with the pain. Of course that is not long term.

    If you find out anything let me know too:)
    Good Luck!