lactobacillus salivarius and proteins

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    This probiotic helps to break down proteins in the GI tract, they multiply too so increase in number after you have taken them.

    Since many of us are trying to get more protein into our bodies and making sure it's properly broken down before absorption, I thought this might be useful for some of you.

    Higher Nature in the UK sell them as Probiogest. Flora Food also contains lacto plantarium. The Allergy Research Group sell one probiotic that contains both these and lacto rhammosus as well.



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    I am very new here,unfamilular with many IBS /Yeast/Fugi/Protein problems.Does lacto salivatius work like lato acidophilus,lacto bulgaricus or do they function differently?How 'bout Bifidobavterium bifidum & Streptococcus thermophilus? Where else would you suggest as GREAT sorce of learning of said cross ailements? THANKS IN ADVANCE! Peace, Ez
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    The more generalised and good quality probiotics do an excellent job of repopulating the GI tract and keeping pathogens and candida under control.

    I felt I should mention this one because a lot of us find a high protein low carbs diet helps but our digestive systems frequently don't work that well. Digestive enzymes help a lot but if we are dealing with leaky gut, ie larger food particles/proteins entering the blood stream, then we might need some extra help.

    Those of us addressing hypercoagulation are taking bromelain or DEs between meals to break down the fibrin, if the proteins are still there they will work on those instead of being absorbed and doing the job we want them to.

    Undigested animal proteins are not good for our intestines and bowels so I felt this info might be of use to those who still feel they are having problems.

    Hope this helps