Lactose intolerant????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kadywill, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. kadywill

    kadywill New Member

    Milk products, even my favorite Food Lion NonFat frozen yogurt causes unpleasant side effects..........

  2. kadywill

    kadywill New Member

    Milk products, even my favorite Food Lion NonFat frozen yogurt causes unpleasant side effects..........

  3. fibolady

    fibolady New Member

    is a big culprit of problems. everytime i see a yogurt commercial i cringe. i used to eat yogurt everyday, thinking i was doing my body a favor. wrong. it causes a lot of sinus problems. the best thing you can do is to completely go off dairy for 3 months. you will see a big difference in your bloating problem and gas.

    after being off dairy for awhile, i was able to introduce some dairy back in my diet. but very little at a time and not 2 days in a row. sometimes though, if i take two bites of ice cream my stomach will hurt. your body is a fickle thing. but i would definitely recommend going off the dairy and the yogurt.
  4. Dara

    Dara New Member

    took me a long time to figure it out though. How I miss a tall glass of milk with dinner, but the pain wasn't worth the enjoyment of it. Cheese is almost deadly to me now but once in awhile I can slip in a "very small" serving of ice cream.

  5. TeresaBnGA

    TeresaBnGA New Member

    The only kind of milk that I can even think about having is skim milk. I only have it on cereal and not very much at all. Anything else will make me bloated, and cramp, and gassy! Believe me I know how you feel!

    Soft hugs!
    Teresa :)
  6. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    I am lactose intolerant also. I was told by the doctor that 70% of adults wordwide are lactose intolerant and that it is the normal condition for adults. Only those of some Northern European extraction inherit the ability to digest milk as adults. Since most Americans came from N. Europe, it is considered to be a problem here, but it is NOT a medical problem!
    Lactase tablets have saved me! I buy them in bulk so I can enjoy all the dairy I want now.
  7. thereseuk

    thereseuk New Member

    I,m also lactose intolerant or with me its more specifiaclly casein intolerance which is the protean. I,m also gluten intolerant and have problems metabolizing carbohydrates which leaves a pretty restricted diet and time consuming at that.
    love therese
  8. kadywill

    kadywill New Member

    carbohydrates!!! THEN, I can lose weight!!!! lolololol
    Thanks for all the replies!
  9. Wildcat

    Wildcat New Member

    It also took me a long time to figure this one out, finally I went to a GU doctor and he had me try different foods groups one or two days at a time, yep, Mild products did it!
    Alot of cheese makes me sit on the pot all day, and milk, I haven't had a glass of milk in years!! I can take a little at a time though without any side effects, but I love my milk products...and miss them!! Is this a part of our Fibro? If it is I don't get the connection.

  10. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    I thought I was lactose intolerant but it turned out I was allergic to milk products. I can eat certain brands of certain milk and cheese products and I take lactase enzyme pills and can't take a lot of milk products close together.
  11. kadywill

    kadywill New Member

    "Once you're past weaning stage, you never need milk products again!" However, other than a little throat congestion now and then, I never had a problem until last year....I've been eating my Food Lion NonFat Frozen yogurt since my bone density test said the nasty old Prednisone ate holes in my bones. Now that I stopped my Premarin, too, I thought the calcium was a necessity and I can hardly bear to take yet another pill. My MD wanted to put me on very expensive medication to protect my bones, but I refused. THAT is a racket.....
    Anyone want me to send them all the gallons of yogurt in my freezer????
  12. selma

    selma New Member

    Me too for many years. Can't eat yogurt or any milk product. The lactaid doesn't help ME And our IBS has plagued me.

    Don't know why but TCBY is the only thing that I can have. Still don't know why !! No store near me. Probably just as well.

    Good Luck.

    Love, Selma
  13. sheelanagigs

    sheelanagigs New Member

    yep, a biggy....try the Ultraclear detoxification diet and its program.

    soy, rice milk, almond milk work for many.

    i am intolerant of dairy, wheat, sugar, caffeine, eggs, meat, oats, citrus, barley, non-organic foods, peanuts, chemicals in foods, and a whole bunch of other stuff...i TRY to follow a rotating organic diet, lots of rice, much soy, etc and when i do this, myi life is better and i feel better. sometimes i get bored and angry and act out and know that i am going to suffer the consequences and then i start over.

    another help: if you have access to a sauna to detox your body, it helps a lot for many folks.

    i LOVE ice cream and frozen yogurt but now i actually prefer rice dream and carob...and soy milk.

    i have been told sugar and caffeine are the worst things we can put in our bodies so i have a decaf soy iced latte once a week and "fake" coffee and green tea the rest of the time. peet's coffee and teas makes a great green tea with brown rice tea called gemai or something like that.

    many of us have multiple chemical sensitivities, so following their advice for using cleaning products, clothing, etc is a good way to live


    good luck
  14. PaulMark

    PaulMark New Member

    to sheelanegans: Please read my tonite's post on my endoscope, i'm desperate what is the ultraclear detox diet,
    i'm like ykou except my ice cream and cool whip binging and overating cause i'm 40 lbs. underwght in bed so much and so sick and cheney's out of pocket for p. consult, i'm ready
    to try anything coffee enemas and jucing are ok bu the CE's make me weaker, and through off electrolyes if doo too often,

    will you please e mail me the detox diet i've nothing to lose anymore with my conditoin and gut ecoglogy so shot anyways, god bless you

    thank you
  15. granmama

    granmama New Member

    Hi Kady,

    I love ice cream, but it doesn't like me.
    I have found Breyer's has a "Lactose Free" vanilla ice cream. It is very good and I don't get the bloating or upset stomach.

    Eggs are a no-no for me, but I can eat any kind of cheese.