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    I guess many of you ladies are like me with a drawer full of bras, and yet always gravitate to a favorite two or three.

    I have one Victoria' Secret underwire bra that I love but they have discontinued and I cannot find an adequate replacement. The other two bras that I love, love, love believe it or not are Fruit of the Loom-- $6.97 from Walmart--no underwire-called a tee shirt bra. So comfortable!

    However, now I find I may need a decent sports type bra because when I PMS my breasts slightly swell, and feel very uncomfortable in my current bras. Can anyone recommend a decent sports bra or stretchy type bra? I am not huge (38B or sometimes a C).

    Also, can anyone recommend in general, bras that they really like? Underwire or not to underwire? I do occasionally wear the strappy cami's with the built in shelf bra, but really do prefer a bra. So ladies, I am counting on you gals for your opinions--everyone has one when it comes to bras!!



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    Hi Laura,

    I just had to laugh,especially since I am not one that should be here talking to you about such a subject. Let's put it this way, I have little to worry about on this :) !! I really wish I could help you. That is one problem that I do not have !!

    I say I am of not much help since I wear about a 34 A and probably could get a away with not having to wear one :) . I either go somewhat padded or the cheapest I can get away with from WM and sometimes I do look on sales in the good stores to.

    The only thing I can say is for you gals that have more a lot more than I, in that area, should get something with support but then yet comfortable, if you can find one.

    I hope that others can help you !! Light and airy would be good esp. in the summer. That is a good idea, those sports bras if you can find something that will also have support besides being very comfy. I am sure that others on here will have some good ideas for you.

    So sorry that I cannot help you in your quandry !! Hope you can find something that will work well for you.

    Lots of hugs,

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    online 3 in pkg for $44
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    That is funny you mentioned that you have a drawer full of bras and only wear 2 or 3. I have the same problem. I have a drawer that has my "pre-baby" bras. They are the ones that were so pretty and sexy. I haven't worn any of them in over 10 years, so I have no idea why I keep them there. They are just taking up space.

    Then I have my comfy ones - like you I have a couple that just fit nicely and feel good, but they don't offer much support. I sleep in my bra (I am still not sure if that is good for you or not) so I like to wear the sports bras that have no underwire when I sleep.

    I had one that I absolutely LOVED, but it fell apart. I got it at JCPenny's. It had an underwire and fit perfectly. It was tan color, so it went with most of my clothes. The lady at the store helped me pick that one out. But it was around $35. I have also gotten quite a few of them at Wal-Mart for under $15, that I really like.

    Well, all of that rambling, and I didn't offer any advice. LOL. I think the key is to make sure the bra fits before you buy it. I generally don't try them on...I will just grab the size I normally wear, and then when I get home I will discover it doesn't fit right. Either it will be too tight around my back, or the cup won't be right. Just like jeans, bras are all made differently.

    If you want to spend a little extra, I would suggest going to Victoria's Secret, and having a girl there measure you and help you find a bra that fits your body perfectly. They are very good at that. And they do carry bras that can be quite comfortable. Not all of them are racy sexy bras. I was measured there once, and found out that I was wearing the totally wrong size.

    Well I hope that helps. Happy bra hunting!
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    I did exactly that--went to VS and was measured and they determined that my correct size was the size I was wearing. The problem is, I wear a 38B, and alot of the bras DO NOT come in that size, since apparently it is uncommon. There is a greater selection online, but the expense of sending it back if it doesn't fit properly makes me hesitate to order from the website. I have ordered clear strap bras for my daughter for her dance recitalsfrom a company called Bare Necessities; I may check out their website too.

    Here's a funny bra story. Years ago, I went with my mom to a small but serious bra store called The Corsetorium to buy a bra for her. The lady behind the glass counter was matronly, with teased hair, glasses on the tip of her nose, and a measuring tape draped around her neck. Bras were serious business for her. So my mom tells the lady, she wears a 36B; without batting an eyelash, the woman reaches forward and with one hand cups my mother's breast in her hand and says, "Oh no dear, you're a C." My mom just about died, but left the store with a very well fitting bra!!! I never laughed so hard in my life!

    BTW, can you imagine men having to go through this to get a decent fitting pair of drawers? No way!!!


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    What a great story!!! That made my day!!! And you're right about the men. My hubby didn't even like being fitted for a tux for our daughter's wedding 'cause they "feel" for the inseam....

    My fav bra came from Penny's...I went to check the name on the tag for you, and got a suprise. There isn't one. The info is inked into the back strap, so I can't help you. It's slightly padded T-shirt bra, very soft and comfy, cost $15 which is more than I like to pay.

    I'm one of those people who always got mine from WM also, and every time I found one I liked they'd discontinue frustrating! Then it seems all they have now is those hard padded ones, which I HATE!! ......................Jole

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