Ladies...hormones make it all worse?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by laurakay, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. laurakay

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    Hey ladies,
    Just some questions for you about how your period affects your FM. I was diagnosed a few months ago and have noticed each month that my pain gets much worse about a week before my period starts. Does anyone else experience this? Any good advice for dealing with it (other than staying in bed all day!!)? Two months ago, my hip hurt so badly that I had a limp and couldn't lay on my side. Do I just have to accept this?
  2. Mikie

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    I think all our hormones are messed up and when one of them changes, as during our monthly cycle, it can have an effect on all our other hormones.

    I am now, fortunately, menopausal, but when I was going through perimemopause, it was hell for me. I do take HRT, but I plan on discussing that with my doc on the 26th when I have my annual grope. It seems that I do much better when I take the Estrace and Progestin every day. Strangly though, I sometimes still get some PMS symptoms just about the time I would have were I still menstrating.

    Love, Mikie
  3. klutzo

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    My Rheumy once told me that everyone with FMS is different but there seem to be two things that always make us worse:
    1) falling barometric pressure
    2) menstruation
    Don't know solution....maybe others will.
    I also went through heck during perimenopause, but now that I am all through, I have no more migraines, and much less pain in general.
    The hip problem you had sounds like a common FMS problem that is not related to your period called Trochanteric Bursitis. I have it right now, on the right side. Heat, range of movement exercises, ease off on any aerobics and rest it and get a cortisone shot if it doesn't start to go away soon. I also like Flexall 454 Plus creme (use disposable gloves to put it's impossible to get off your hands).
  4. laurakay

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    It's a major concern of mine because I'm only 26 and spending two weeks out of every month for the next 20 years like this does not sound good!
  5. Spoonerpaws

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    I ABSOLUTELY feel worse a couple days b4 and during my period.

    AND the weather changes do affect me SEVERELY.

  6. Rumpsonfire

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    I was actually just thinking about posting something around this topic this morning. I have alot of lower abdominal and ovary pain. I had a laparoscopy done in Sept 01 because they thought I might have endometriosis. I have not had a period since June of 01 when the worst of my fibro symptoms arose. Since the test came back negative my Dr. thinks it just the combo of birth control slowing my bleeding down, and the stress on my body completely stopping it. I still however have tremendous bloating. I am very thin but sometimes I get to the point where I am so bloated I look 3-4 months pregnant! Its so embarassing....especially when wearing a dress. I take women's tylenol when I am not taking tylenol arthritis to help with the bloating and achyness.

    Since I don't have a period I have kinda lost track of my cycle and so I couldn't really give a good answer about whether hormones are related to FM pain, but having FM explains alot of the reproductive problems and pain I was having. I hope you find some relief soon.

    Amanda's Rumpsonfire
  7. kalynn1

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    I usually don't have time to reply to most topics of discussion, but I couldn't pass this one up. I have been logging my Fibro flares on a monthly planner for the past two years and one thing is perfectly clear: My flares begin on day 12 of my cycle and build in intensity until two days after I start my period. It is like clockwork every month. The flares vary in intensity each time. What the intensity level depends on I don't quite know yet. I started natural HRT over a year ago, and it has helped me immensly. I had my hormones tested and was told I am in perimenopause. There is no doubt about the link to my period and my Fibro flares. It's all on the calendar to prove it. I'm holding out hope that once I finally go through menopause, I may get some real relief from this nasty syndrome.
  8. karen2002

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    After the onset of Fibro in May of this year, I began having very heavy periods every two weeks, worsening of fibro symptoms each time. Tired of this heavy bleeding, I went to the Gyn, and was put on depo-provera regime, 1 tab each day, for 10 days at the beginning of my cycle. This worked well for two cycles, my periods were like clockwork, although a flare occurred with each.

    Then as if to laugh at my attempts to tame Fibro---my periods disappeared all together, now. I am not going through menopause---I had all the testing done. All is normal, according to my test. Go figure.

    I expect one day, just to further surprise me, my periods will again return, with a vengence---nothing normal about fibro, just likes to keep us guessing, I think.

  9. joannie1

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    I can truly sympothize with you on this one. I go through it all the time a week or more before and the entire time. One decent week a month is all I usually get. I would seriously speak with your GYN about it though. Things should never be dismissed as being part of it without seeing the Doctor about it. I wish I could ive you some advice on this matter. I don't have any. I use my heating pad faithfully on my tummy when pain is bad and seems to help it somewhat though.

    To Amanda, I have been dealing with what you have been since September also. Has your GYN considered adenomyosis? Look it up on the internet. I have your same symptoms and that is what my GYN thinks is wrong with me. I feel for you. I am done have children (Almost seven years ago) and it sucks to look pregnent again.
    Take care and wish i had more answers for you Laura.