Ladies I found my CowboyReally look at the pic

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    I know most here know I have been working on a fundraiser for The Damon and Stella Foundation for Mental Health.

    To make a long story short, God introduced us a year and a half ago when I decided one day to drive up to Huntington for a casting call for the movie We Are Marshall.

    I called and worked 2 days, on the second day the sylist that was doing my hair asked what I did and I said stained glass. She then told me about the foundation that was being created by her boss and his friend.

    Damon and Stella committed suicide with in 2 days of each other. Damon was 22 and the son of Phillip Ivey, known as Mr P. Stella Barrett was Dario's wife. They were away on a vacation and he and the kids went out for awhile, she said she wasn't feeling well. WHen they returned, they found her laying on the ground from where she jumped from the 11th floor balcony.

    Dario and Mr P were friends and Dario called Mr P 2 days later to tell him about his wife, then Mr. P told him about his son.

    They have created a foundation that is a awareness campaign to bring suicide, depression and mental health out into the light. So families can talk about, learn about it and save a live.

    So anyway, after meeting him that night I had to be a part of it. I gathered my art friends and I got 34 works of art worth a few dollars shy of $8000. Not bad for a few weeks work. This is why I haven't been here.

    Mr P was so impressed with some things that I did on my own and now I am an offical member of the Board of Directors. My duty is to collect art from my region and the entire country. Yes country.

    He came to my house today and I was interviewed first ny the Ashland Daily Independent, next the Herald Dispatch, then WSAZ news aires Thur 5:30. Mr P arrived in time to join on the last two interviews.

    I just love him to death, he has 2 children but we didn't discuss which team he plays with, if you know what I mean. He lives with his mom taking care of her in her home. The handle bar might be a issue, put his personality more than makes up for it. We both said we felt like we have know each other all our lives.

    SO ladies what cha think-should I ride him???? Carla
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    I wouldn't touch that one (joke) with anybody's 10 foot pole....

    You decide and best of luck with your choices!!!



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    Like everyone keeps telling S-Elaine, you don't have to marry the guy - just go and have fun! Handle bar 'taches can be trimmed if that is the only burr in the saddle!

    Nice looking couple! Just have some FUN!

    I love looking at your work you put here on your profile and on your web site.

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    What a Kool story! And yes he looks like a Safe Cowboy!,,,lolol,,Have fun and congrats on your work for the Foundation!,,,,,,Love the Hat and the Black Glasses!,,,,,Looks like an Origional!,,,,sis
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    No we are not a couple, actually I think he may like his own cowboy if you know what I mean.

    When I posted the Sam Elliott post- Fight posted a song called "Save a horse and ride a cowboy" very funny.

    Fight if your here post it again, you deleted before I got to copy it.

    Thank all of you for your support, the foundation work has been great- I am going to make another post later- gotta take my girls for their walk
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    No no it is a joke, we are not dating or considering it. I think he would like HIS own cowboy. But if I am wrong than that is another story.

    That is MR P my Hollywood friend from the Damon and Stella foundation. Damon was his son.

    He is just a great guy, I just had to post the cowboy comment because of Fight's song- Fight where are you???
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    You should just ask him what team??? Then you will know weather to giddy up or not!!

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    How tall is your friend? OR how short are you? LOL!

    Why do you think he might like the other team? To me, his glasses are kind of soft for a man of that size and 'rough' exterior. But if he is of the artsy fartsy type, then he could be perfectly suited on your team.

    I better stop before I get myself into trouble.

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    That's why I do things like this. He is very tall and I am very short 5'3 and I had on my comfy mules that add about 2 inches so he is really tall. I didn't ask but with his hat, he had to just duck a little to come in the door,lol.

    It is his mannerism and the way he talks, I know sterotypical but you just know these things sometimes. He is a hair and make guy so ya never know. It doesn't matter to me, he is a great guy to have as a friend, plus he lives in TN.

    I am not looking for anyone, I am quite content with my life but you can never have to many friends- Carla
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    WOW! I would love to find a friend like him! Can you send him to KC if he wants another friend?

    I would love a make over but my hair gal won't cut my hair because she knows I'll be sorry. But if I do a make over, then it's out of my hands and her hands!

    My daughter, for some reason, has a large gay circle of friends. Some of them are amazing people, some of them are less than perfect but they are all human beings and she brings them all to my house when they are out.

    I don't care about color or sexual orientation. You can't have too many friends and contacts!

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    Is he a poker player?

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    he looks like a big mountain man, I always had a soft spot for Grizzly Adams.

    I don't know what you americans mean by 'should I ride him' - it has a totally different meaning over here and you wouldn't say

    But - he looks and sounds lovely, Carla.

    Go and enjoy yourself with him.

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    Budmickl- no he is not Phillip Ivey the poker player. He is Phillip Ivey the famous hair/make up/art director lovingly known as Mr P. He was on the Academy Award wining team for making Driving Miss Daisey because of the aging process.

    He has been working in movie and tv for 30 years. Not a bad friend to have ?

    Rosiebud- loved your comment and yep I think we are thinking in the same direction,hehe

    Lacey-best laugh I have had all day.

    S-Elaine – I wondered the same thing about the hat. I think he had a hat on the first time I met him but more like a beret style, I guess it is a artist thing.

    I don’t know how tall Paul Bunyon was but he is at least 6’2 or more. I once dated a man that was 6’4” and about 230 pounds, that was when I was a slim trim 110 or so, now that WAS a ride,lol.

    Thanks for laughs ladies, but I haven’t rode that pony for a longggggggggggggg time. So I don’t think I’ll start now. I just wanted to have a little fun with you all and as always you never let me down ?
  16. budmickl

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    I have an ex-boyfriend who works in the movies in Atlanta and LA. Looking at Mr. P's list of credential, he has been on some of the same movies as my guy.

    But my guy builds sets and that sort of work. I don't think their paths would cross!

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