ladies, i need your help

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    i haven't been on this board for a very long time.

    i use to be on the fibro board mostly and really admired you ladies. i learned alot from you; many of you are very informed about health issues. which is what brings me hear today.

    it's my husband, he's very ill and no one seems to know what's wrong with him. without going into alot of detail and this getting very lenghty, i'll give you the main symthoms and if you could give me any ideas i'd sure appreicate it.

    the main symthoms are: extreme fatique, tires after doing very little, sweating (sits in front of fan), has been taking alot more tums and pepto, and pain in back.

    those are the main ones and are extreme. he is diabetic but his numbers are reading pretty good. he also had his heart checked. it's not that either. that's what i thought it was with all this sweating and getting over heated and the lack of any energy.

    it's got to be somthing. he's had lots of blood test. i did'nt know cancer's don't show up in the blood work. what type of cancer could it be with symthoms like these?

    he also just had blood test to check his kidneys, were still waiting for results.

    anyway, he's very sick and i remembered how intelligent some of the woman were on here, and how much knowledge they had about medical issues.

    thanks to any of you who take the time to think this over.


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    I am only replying to let you know that I have read your request on the CFS/FM board.

    I truly cannot off much in the line of help. But I can tell you that my Mother, Father, and Brother all died of different cancers, but none had the symptoms you have described here.

    They more or less didn't have much in the way of symptoms. They were diagnosed by tests, my Mom by being operated on for gallbladder and it was cancer, not the gallbladder, but all she complained about was a pain in the right side.

    I hope others that have more medical information can help you, but I would get on his doctors to find out what is going on with him.

    Take care, and God bless hon..

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Hi Donna I read your message on the FM board, does he complain of anything hurting? if he's like my husband you probably have to drag it out of him. Has he lost weight? MY first guess would of been gallbladder, but my BIL was having trouble with what he thought was his shoulder, they even operated on it. But after the surgery when the same pain was still there his Dr kept looking.

    Sent him to a large teaching hosp had a chest X-Ray which by the way he already had many, they did lung scans and he had a growth in one of his lungs.

    Thankfully it was benign but it was large how everyone else missed it we don't know, but his sx were something like your husbands.

    My other BIL, I have 7 : ) used to eat pepcid, then he got all sweaty and weird they thought it was his heart he ended up having Diverticulitis.

    I would def get on the Dr to run more tests, all kinds, it could be anything really. Is your husband overweight?
    Believe it or not it could be sleep apenea not enough Oxygen all night long and they stop breathing with this.

    Like I said I'm totally guessing...good luck, maybe someone else with a real medical background will come along.

    Take care and don't give up
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    I am guessing too but I am thinking you should start with a gastroenerologist, a doctor that takes care of the stomach, liver, and other areas I can't think of right now.

    They can run test of all kinds and even if there is a problem else where, they can refer you to another doc if necessary.

    Hope this helps.

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    hi donna I'm from the fibro board, I would be seeing specialist, but one thing I read this week that struck me was I was throwing some of my dad's meds away and on one it said not to take any tums, I don't remember the med, my dad died aug 7th and my mom is a nurse and thought it was strange the doctor let him have them, I know pain makes a person have some of these symptom's, has he changed, or started new meds, take care barb
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    The symptoms that you describe could be caused by a number of medical conditions. None of which should be ignored.

    Whatever it is that is causing these symptoms is deffinately not normal! I could go into great detail on what it sounds like to me, but that may only confuse the issue.

    Please go back to the Dr. and insist that more tests be done. Be specific with the Dr. in describing what's going on. If possible keep a record of when the symptoms occur, activity right before they started, exactly what the sypmtoms are, blood sugar at the time of the symtpoms, does he feel like his heart pounds or races or fluttters. How long it takes to recover or for the symptoms to go away. Just keep a diary and take that to the Dr. when you go.

    It could be his heart, lungs, tummy, regardless he needs to see the Dr soon.!

    I hope this helps you some Donna.

    Susie, retired (tired again and tired some more) RN
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  8. JackieDH

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    I would suggest the possibility of maybe having your doctor that your husband has been seeing refer him to the Mayo clinic. It may be a trip for you but you will have many tests quickly to find out the problem. I had a friend that ignored warning signs such as your husbands and he finally saw a doctor just in time. He is fine now. Please be persistant and keep on the doctors.
    You are in my prayers,
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    I also think he either needs to go to a teaching hospital/medical school OR a gasterenterologist.

    The important thing is for YOU TO GO INTO THE EXAMINING ROOM WITH HIM. Men have a horrible way of denying and minimizing symptoms to the Dr. I guess they figure if they don't acknowledge it, then it doesn't exist!

    I don't know ---I'm clueless why they do this. My husband drives me nuts with this denial routine. It took me 3 or 4 years to get him to get his hearing tested. He desperately needed hearing aids in BOTH ears.

    I "show up" at the Dr's. office when he has an appointment and go with him to the examining room. As soon as he goes into his "rose colored glasses/ la la land routine", I interrupt and tell the Dr. what is REALLY going on.

    My hubby sits there and squirms, but he comes out with the RX that he needs. AARGH!!!!!!! I've even told him in the Dr's. examining room, "oh really, then explain to the Dr. why you are having ________________symptoms." My hubby gets this look on his face like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The Dr. just chuckles.

    It can be exasperating, but you do what you need to do.
  10. Milo83

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    Maybe it's a combo of things too.........
    My first GUESS was gallbladder trouble............

    I would recommend a gastro doctor to rule out anything like that..........

    Did he have blood work for thyroid,
    You don't find as many men with thyroid trouble, but it does happen...and they just can't check his thyroid level, they have to do a "Free T3, Free T4, antibody test, and so on..........
    Just giving you some suggestions if no doctors come up with anything...........

    Was any of his medication changed lately.........

    Try a gastro doctor, or an endocronlogist (sp), internist, what kind of heart tests did he have done......
    Has he had a colonoscopy lately...........
    Just tossing around ideas for you............

    It's been awhile since you first posted, I hope you have made some progress with him by now.......

    Take Care........Love, Donna
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    Meetoo, You have received alot of good information here on line. But the one thing that holds true in all is that he needs to be seen by a doctor.

    If your doctor cannot find the cause, he needs to refer you to someone whom he feels may be able to help you. You have the right to demand that from any doctor. And we with fibro have lots of experience in this area.

    The Mayo Clinic was mentioned, but the Scripts clinic on the west coast (CA) is an excellent place and you usually do not leave without knowing what is wrong.

    State teaching hospitals are good too. OR has an excellent one on OHSU in Portland.

    But please keep digging and nagging your doctor until he helps you find the answers you need. These sound like heart things to me, and when my husband had heart symptoms they finally ruled out the heart, the liver and then found that it was gall bladder. Our bodies are indeed strange.

    I do know that we need to be our strongest advocates for health care and we need to be prepared with journals or diaries that detail symptoms, foods consumed, exercise accounts, medicines used, etc. The more thorough the journal is the easier it is for the doctor to figure out where and whom should be seeing you.

    May God bless and help you on this treak.
  12. WakeMeUp

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    I'm not a doctor, but the sweating and fatigue sound like heart problems to me. He should have an echo cardiogram done by orders from a cardiologist.

    And since he is a diabetic, gastroparesis is very common in diabetic patients. Gastroparesis is when the food is digested very very slowly, causing it to ferment which can also make you sick. For the gastroparesis - he should have a "gastric emptying test" done (ordered by gastroenterology doctor), and be put on Zelnorm 6 mg l tablet first thing in the morning. Then don't eat anyting for two to three hours.

    On the other had, these symptoms sound like CFIDS to me as well. But either way, he needs to get his heart checked and see a cardiologist.

    Hope this helps you.
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    Hi, Metoo. I hope that your husband has decided to see another doctor for his symptoms. I wanted to second (or third) the advice that he get his stomach checked. I had H. pylori many years ago, the bacteria that causes ulcers, only I had very strange symptoms that were at first attributed to psychological problems (of course!). Some of those symptoms were stomach pain and intestinal pain, but I also had panic attack-like symptoms and worsened fatigue and sweating. Contrary to everything I've read everywhere about H. pylori, I couldn't eat a thing, either, because my esophagus would swell up as soon as I tried to swallow. Of course, I have severe CFIDS, which I believe can make other problems worse and can give you strange symptoms for common illnesses, but I suppose that can happen to people who don't have CFIDS as well, it's just not "typical."

    I have to see another Gastero next month because I've been having what appear to be gallbladder attacks and my Pancreas is also swollen/tender to the touch (through the skin, of course!), and those attacks are not only excruciatingly painful, but they also cause me to become very exhausted and sweaty.

    Good luck to you and your hubby!