Ladies please/Stress Incontinence surgery

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    Hi All,

    This is my first time on this side of the boards but I recognize many of the UN's as I got on. I was guessing this might be the best place to post this question or questions.

    I was wondering, fst of all, if any of you ladies have had this problem after the birth of more than one child, and if you did what did you have done and if it helped.

    I have had 5 children, now all grown and now have 8 grandkids. Since the births I have had some stress incontinence but not that much until lately. I guess with age I am falling apart. Usually I had the problem when I would sneeze really hard. Now I am trying to get over bronchitis. Well, the SI is worse but I dont always have to cough or sneeze to leak. Thank God for pads is all I can say or otherwise I would hae had some major accidents :) !!

    If anyone has any info about this I would be most grateful. Some time ago I knew a lady who had had some surgery but it didn't turn out that well or at least she had to to have some part of it redone. That was atleast 10 years ago or more so hopefully they have improved the procedure. Not sure I want to go through surgery esp if I am not sure it will really take the first time. Also, I have high b/p controlled by meds and FM and I do not want to undergo surgery unless I really have to.

    Our insurance has been pretty good although most is now on Medicare and who knows what going on with healthcare change. I will have to make some decisions for sure. First I need to get some more info. I just went on line late yesterday and got a little bit of info but would love to hear from others here who may have had similar problems.

    Thanks to all any of you in advance that might be able to help in advance.


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    You don't seem to be getting answers here. So how about getting into the doctor for a professional medical opinion on this? It will provide you with accurate information specifically on you and it may relieve your mind and surgery may not even need be an option. Take care and good luck.
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    I've been checking out on line and I know there are some exercises I can do too. I will mention it to the doc if I cannot get the symptoms to lessen. I am also looking for some possible natural supps or something that may help, that I have heard about. We'll see !

    Thanks for answering !