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  1. I have never had this problem, but I am sooo chapped under my breast area! OMG! What do u use, a lotion or some sort of powder or??? I don't want to make it worse than it is. I have been going braless the last few wks, would that do it? HELP!
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    I have a product here at home that always use for burns, sunburns, really dry skin and it is called Horseman's Dream. It is a vet cream and my neighbors always bring me a few bottles back from CO whenever they visit. I've never found it on the web but it is in a blue and white bottle. Maybe, try Ebay? This is the best stuff ever!

    The one thing I thought of right away was maybe something with aloe. Don't use anything with scent or coloring added.

    Or maybe try a product called Paladin. My son when he was a baby and cutting teeth would get so chaffed and the only thing that would clear it up was this diaper rash stuff called Paladin. I wouldn't use any other diaper rash ointments though if I were in your shoes.

    Have you tried Eucerin Calming Cream? Pretty pricey but it always worked in a pinch on my hands when I worked in a restaurant. They were always chaffed and bleeding from the bleach, washing dishes, etc.

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    Maybe try Bag Balm,,,,close to what Monica suggested,,,it comes in a square green can and can be found at the drug store or at supermarkets,,,,you can apply alot of this and them maybe lie down for awhile while it works,,,,,Goodluck!,,,,Sis
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    Definitely sounds like one to me. You may have to see a doctor in order to get it cleared up. It's not that uncommon, but can become very, very painful and the area will become larger if not treated. People can also get it in any area with "folds" that hold in moisture...abdomen, etc.

    Good luck, and don't be embarrassed to get it checked see it all the time.***Jole***
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    Going braless would make more friction so you may need to powder the area. If it is rashy and seems like yeast/fungal you could try vagisil cream and it will clear it up,works for me.
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    I have the same problem. What has worked best for me is the spray antifungal powder that is used on athlete's feet. I cannot remember the name of it, I use the generic from Walgreens.

    Gold Bond powder is good, but I much prefer the above. It drys and doesn't leave any moisture. Which is what sets my skin off. You might here it crackle, and have a quick stinging sensation, but I know it's working and LOVE it!

    Hope this helps!

    Been there, done that!


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