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  1. asvyper

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    ok, every time my period is coming...well you know what i mean. bloating horribly and all that. is there anything that you take to help these symptoms? i don't so much get pms, like worse moods or anything, but the bloating is horrible!
  2. halo52208

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    My sister taught me to take a B Complex. It helps with moods, depression and bloating.

    She only takes it a week before and during. I found it helped my depression so much and the bloating, that I take it every day.

    I try to find the slow release so it helps through out the day.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    I get terrible bloating and cramps near my period if I leave yeast get out of hand. It isn't always the vaginal kind either, most w/ a candida condition have unseen systemic candida.

    Use yogurt or probiotic capsules in the vagina and take extra orally too. Aloe vera juice and af's help too. You can also use aloe gel vaginally for a quick fix during the day.