Lady demands me to move my car out of handicapped spot!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by doxygirl, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    I have a handicapped placard and when Iam not feeling good I use it!

    My autistic son who gets very upset at any and all kinds of altercations was unfortunately with me when this went down....

    I had come out of the ice cream shop and wanted to sit and eat my ice cream before driving....makes sense to not eat while driving right?:).....

    so I start eating my ice cream and I notice headlights from behind me.....
    then I hear yelling I look behind me and there is a car right behind me blocking me in the handicapped spot I was in.....

    the next thing I see is a lady approaching my window and yelling at me that her mom is handicapped and wants me to move so she can park in the space Iam in!

    Now....before I go on let me say this....there was another empty handicapped space available right next to the one I was parked in....and my car at the time this was going on was pulled in the handicapped spot but it was pulled in a little bit at an angle...but I was in no way breaking any laws etc!

    So..the lady continues on saying that since I do not know how to park correctly I have to move my car out of her way....

    then she starts calling me a " fat....white, b#$%^" and that it is people like me that make this world a bad place to live..and on and on....

    Iam besides myself and I look over at my autistic son and he is crying ( even though he is 21 his autism brings him emotionally to an age of 11 or 12) so now Iam really upset that this lady not only is upsetting me but she is upsetting me son too!

    I hang my handicapped placard out of the window and yell at this woman that Iam handicapped and that I have a right to be parked there...and if she wants a place to park she can use the parking spot that is handicapped right next to us.....

    she tells me she is so handicapped that she can barely get out of her car...and I tell her Iam sorry but the space next to us is available ...
    the she proceeds to pull her car up right next to mine where there in no space to do so and almost side swipes my car...

    by this time Iam coming unglued.....and finally I just get out of my car and yell at her..."iam not leaving" she sits there and honks her horn and won't stop!

    everyone and their brother was looking and it was so embarrassing since not everyone knew what "SHE" had done to start this nonsense!

    then the space next to us on the other side which was not a handicapped spot becomes available and she pulls into it....she is and older woman with her daughter and grandkids in the car.....

    her and the kids get out of the car and she walks into the store and then she walks all the way back out ( looking fine to walk to me,after she said she was so handicapped she could hardly get out of her car!) and writes down my license plate!

    I just ignore her at this point......but I still cannot believe this happened.....even her daughter and grandkids were yelling at her to leave me alone...

    and then I had to calm and console my son who is distraught at this point........

    This was so unnecessary and just down right mean....and I still cannot believe it happened~

    Just wanted to vent........and thank you for allowing me to !
  2. robin1667

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    I an so sorry you and your son went threw this. I don't understand what is wrong with people like that! It makes me so angry. Did you get her license plate #? I'd turn her in. As others have said call the police. That is harrassment and no one should have to put up with it. Can you give police a description of her car and what she looked like? If her grandkids and daughter were yelling at her, hopefully she will think about she did and won't do it again.
  3. lgp

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    I am so sorry this happened to you and your son. It is indeed traumatic, and the anguish you felt can linger for days. I just hate that.

    Unfortunately, this woman has some serious issues that go beyond any physical limitation. It's frightening to know that someone with that amount of irrational, unbalanced rage is actually driving a 4000 pound weapon.

    I just can't believe the way someone can carry on irrationally in front of their children and/or grandchildren the way this woman did. Children learn by example. Sometimes you need to just shut up. Apparently this woman never learned that simple lesson. Also, it's almost unfathomable that a handicapped person (who is able to drive) would actually be presumptious enough to judge or assess the limitations of another handicapped person.

    Anyway, I am really sorry that this happened to you and your son. As I said, I just don't get it. I am just glad we are here for you to vent.

    Peace --Laura
  4. outofstep

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    Sorry that you had to go through that, especially since it upset your son too. It sounds like that woman had some other MAJOR issues though and you were just a handy target. I agree-next time just call the cops because there is no reason for you to have put up with that kind of abuse and threat to your car/safety.
    I do think that there is a major problem with people in general (not that screaming lady though) understanding what exactly being handicapped means. I saw a newscast at one point where they said that you needed to be in a wheelchair to use the handicapped spaces-so they are just spreading more misinformation. It would be helpful if there were a public service announcement (or if the news could just get it right) to educate people. I bet that if people understood the purpose of those spaces, and if they realized that you can't always "see" disability, that not every disabled person is wheelchair-bound, then they would be less likely to question people about using disabled parking.
    That said, people also need to mind their own business and leave the policing to the authorities.
  5. momof27

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