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    Hi ladybugmandy - Sue - I got my Red lab results and I posted them as an answer to your question on 10 of April. I post them here too - I appreciate if you can help me interpret them. Thanks for pointing to me that I was missing some of the results.

    I asked to get my Red lab results and they send it to me. the RNAA - Rnase L activity assay is 64 (normal is less then 50) and the
    ratio was 0.51 (RNAE - Rnase L protein Quantitation (normal is less than 0.5

    Do you know how to interpret these results? They added a note saying that elevated values might show of CFS

    I also got ANOX antioxidants 3.34 (normal 0.33-0.65)

    Thanks Ruti
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    hi ruti. i think i may have responded to your results before. didn't you mention that you were being treated for leaky gut with antibiotics?

    your results do not look like a long term chronic viral infection..but i am just guessing.

    i had viruses and my RNase L was almost 2000!

    i do not know about the ANOX....

    sorry i couldnt be of more help, but you could always phone craig at redlabs and ask him what he thinks. if he cannot help, you can ask to speak to the director.

    good luck