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  1. star273

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    On the post I wrote the other day, you said that I have the best Dr in the world close to me. Dr. Daniel Peterson. What do you know about him? I think am going to make an appt with him.

    Thanks for the info..

  2. ladybugmandy

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    dr. daniel peterson runs the whittemore - peterson institute for neuro immune disorders. he takes insurance and has a one year waiting list. you have to call and ask them to send you a long questionnaire to complete and return.

    peterson will read it and look at your tests (if you have had any) and decide whether he would like to accept you as a patient.

    he uses antivirals (including IV antivirals) and also runs ampligen trials. he does spinal taps, MRI's etc. i think he is the best doctor in the world for CFS at the moment.

    i would LOVE to go to him but cannot afford to travel. you are very lucky to live in nevada!!

    good luck

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