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  1. Rafiki

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    Really nice to see you back again. So glad you're feeling better!

    Just thought I should mention a couple of things. I noticed on another post of yours that you were on Effexor when you were feeling awful.

    I do not suffer from depression - just isn't my thing - but when I tried Effexor, (after trying Prozac and Paxil) to try to get some energy when my illness really started to drag me down after a remission, I became suicidal. Prozac was the only one which did not depress me but it did change me. On all SSRIs, I was a different person with mood swings, a temper and impaired judgement.

    I also developed wicked myoclonus where I had seizures which would actually cause my back to arch. I felt a built up of "electrical" potential - can't think of another way to describe it - in the back on my head which would then discharge in a myoclonic seizure where my back would arch and my arms splay out. Man, it was a bad time.

    This nightmare went on for a few years where I considered I might have developed depression but, finally, I went off the drugs and the depression went away -- it's been more than 10 years and I'm still fine just like I was before the SSRIs.

    I am not, of course, suggesting that anyone go off antidepressants on their own or at all if they have a history of depression which precedes the use of the medication or if they improve on the medication.

    Maybe it was because I do not suffer from depression so my serotonin was sufficient but, whatever, I thought I should let you know given your experience.

    Take good care of yourself,
  2. ladybugmandy

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    wow. i am so sorry you went through that. that does not sound pleasant at all. i am glad the depression did not return.

    i am now off effexor and on a small dose of cymbalta, mainly to deal with the effexor withdrawals. effexor did not seem to effect me much either way.

    i did suffer from depression before i got sick and the precious few times my brain fog improved, my depression seemed to return full i obviously have a lot of underlying problems aside from the CFS.

    the only medicine which ever helped me (a lot) was paxil but it wore off after about a year.

    most of the time these days, my brain fog is so bad and my feelings so muted that there is no need to deal with depression/anxiety.

    i do wonder if my underlying psychological issues are impacting my CFS improvement (or lack thereof) and i am still in the process of finding a psychiatrist - though with the brain fog and fatigue, traveling to go to talk therapy might be futile.

    i do have an appt. in august with a good mood disorder specialist who will likely put me on psych meds but i have my liver to worry about too.



  3. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Even though things remain so difficult for you, it is good to see you back and problem solving, once again!

    Have you tried LCFAs (Omega 3 and maybe 6,9)? They can be very beneficial in normalizing serotonin and balancing mood. Might be a good thing to discuss with the mood disorder person.



    (looks kinda cool, actually)

    don't forget to keep breathing,

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