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    Well gang I went for the big "newest cure" antibotic therapy. Started July 17,2002, Had seven days of IV, and now am taking three meds at home..Have seen no change and have not even been sick, as I always am on antibotics. It is just a wait and see, trial and error thing, but I have been doing that for fifteen years, so why not one more.....
    Anyone with questions feel free to post or send e-mail love to you all...Dora
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    so happy to finally hear from you!!
    hope you return soon to the chat, i miss you bunches...
    though i tried to convince everyone that your not sick, just in the basement with you know what..being greedy with the moonshine! hey, if it works, why not?? pass it along!
    i miss n luv you ...and hope your doing wonderful soon! {{{{{{{{{{{lagal}}}}}}}}}}}

    take care of yourself!!