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    Just wondered how your daughter was doing? I hope she is progressing.

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    I hope you are doing well... did you ever find info on the rife etc.
    she is doing loosing weight so has had some setbacks as her body detoxes she has fluid to deal with. Has had a bout with pleurisy. BUT part of that is her fault. When she is on the set regime with the rife and sauna she is doing better etc ....but if she breaks her routine because she feels good and decides she does not have lyme she has some real setbacks. also....she had a very high insulin level and was diagnosed with polycistic ovarian syndrone.....taking medication to enable the insulin to work in the body with other harmones etc....and this is helping with weight etc.
    Complicated but better then a year ago. I feel very strong on rife and sauna for her.
    Bring me up to date with yourself if you can.
  3. pawprints

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    Glad to hear your daughter is having success with the rife and the sauna.

    I found out all the info on the rife. We are going through some home rennovations. I am going to buy it and have the settings already determined.

    I don't think I can do the sauna due to cost and space limitations. I am concerned about how to deal with the herx or die-off. I guess I will rely on Burbur and Parsley and maybe the ocean.

    I am still rotating the Cumanda and Banderol, but added Quina on Dr. Sharp's recommendation. I had a very rough time and only made it up to 6 drops.

    I want more progress and hope the rife will push me ahead.

    Warm regards!!
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    Pawprints....when you can do the sauna and be gradual it is very good. The dieoff is still a problem. burbur helps but she can still be very sick from it. I really think it is the reason she has had a major bout with pleurisy....that and loosing weight. The toxins are released into the body and she was not consistant with the sauna so they made her sick. Do you think this makes sense.
  5. pawprints

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    how are things going with your daughter?

    I am going to purchase the rife in about 1 month but can't see the suana in my near future. I'll have to ask dr. S how to handle the die off.
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    Pawprints....she has been doing better but we are having several recurrence of bronchitus. Is this an issue for you. How are you doing.
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    Thanks for asking. I am still following the herbal routine. I have gotten pretty high on the number of drops, which I think is a good sign. I still rotate them and Quina still makes me too sick to take...not sure what that means.

    I don't have the upper respiratory problems, though I have alot of green mucuous. I actually went to the ENT and was put on an abx for 7 days. I felt that is a clue. I am just not ready to give up this route and go with the abx or the antivirals yet.

    My next step is going to be buying the rife. I hope I can clear out some more viruses and bugs that way.

    I gave tons of blood at Quest today for my local doc and Dr. S in Texas. Hopefully, when I meet with each they can give me so ways to go based on the labs.

    The funny thing is when I have a good day...I'm so happy and then I always have bad days and feel sad. But before, I never even had a good hour. So I think it is one step forward and one step back. I'm sure the rife will put me under which is why I am waiting till after my trip to the see the doctor.

    Please update me how you are doing and your daughter.

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    Planning on seeing Dr. S this coming month. Any new things he has going on that I should ask about?

    Is he still following Cowden's program for his patients with the herbs and LEDs? And has he shown any interest in the Valcyte study going on under Montaya?

    Thanks for any tips as I only get to see him for such a short time and with such infrequency.
  9. lagf

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    she is having bronchial issues etc. and had gone to Hawaii for a week.
    Did great. Came home and crashed.

    As she also has other issues we are concerned about lungs etc. and the unknown. Not sure lyme is the answer to everything still on the hunt.
    We have not seen Dr. S since May...going end of Oct.
    Spoke on the phone.
    She is still having to struggle. I think she feels good at times and then overdoes it....hard for her to understand limits....and then she crashes.

    Let me hear from you. We are still on rife and sauna...think it helps.
  10. pawprints

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    From your measure it sounds least she did great in Hawaii. Maybe something any of us with a chronic illness need to learn is limits. Even Dr. L.C. told me in the beginning people feel better then push and crash.

    Believe me, I do the same. So happy to have some good times I overdo and I am older than your daughter but not any wiser.

    Have you checked into Mycoplasma...I believe it is a bacteria that affects the lungs. Do some searches on the internet or on the other CFIDS chat group in this ProHealth forum.

    I agree Lyme is not the total answer. Also glad the Rife and sauna combo is still helping.

    I will see Dr. S in mid October. Hope I get some helpful answers.

    Let's keep in touch before/after the appointments...maybe there will some new things that help us all.

    Warmest regards!!