lamictal rash...UPDATE went to ER...Can u say IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ****EDIT FOR UPDATE****
    First thanks so much for your responses. [edited for content]

    I called my Neuro (you know the one who I worked for and trusted and promised he would do me right...yeah that one...and his nurse said he wanted me to go see my primary. Well I don't have one (yeah she dumped me when I told her I would find someone else to treat my pain...b/c she refused to...until she could find out what was wrong with me. So then the nurse says go to ER. Ok. I get there and the triage nurse proceeds to tell me that I am on WAY too many meds (celebrex,wellbutrin,lortab,norflex,vitamins) but that yes it sure enough looked like a lamictal rash. I get back to the room and another nurse comes in and says "yep looks like it to girlfriend was actually in the hospital a few weeks ago with the same thing." Now hang on tight cause here come the REALLY good part. In walks a female doc. she never looks up from my chart and says
    Doc: Well it's not a lamcital rash

    Me: (wondering how if she hasn't yet looked at me she is so sure of that) And why do you say that?

    Doc: b/c lamictal doesn’t cause a rash

    Me: (pickin my chin up off the floor) has a black box warning for a deadly rash

    Doc: oh you know about that huh?

    Me: yep

    Doc: still not lamictal rash

    Me: and you are basing that on...

    Doc: if you were gonna get a rash you would have gotten it the first day you took it

    Me: WTF? no mama the rash comes with increase in dose which is when this rash developed

    Doc: oh you know about that too?

    Me: uh yeah

    Doc: still not

    ME: again you are basing that on?

    DOC: well you've been off of it for a week

    Me: yes but um the rash can still show up 4 weeks after d/c

    Doc: hum…you know that too…well let me take a look

    Me: ya think you should look at it (FINALLY)

    Doc: still don’t think that is what it is, it is soap or something

    Me: look, I AM A NURSE, I know the drill, nothing new, NEVER had a rash b4 in my LIFE,

    Doc: well you’ve stopped it so I’ll give you some prednisone, some cream and zyrtec that should do it…see ya

    Me: um…a lamictal rash can be deadly is that all?

    Doc: I’ll go get those scripts for you

    Me: WTF?????????????????????????????

    So another nurse comes in 45 min later and says here ya go….see ya
    As I’m walking out of the hospital I run into the second nurse whose friend was in the hospital and she says “where ya goin? Was it not the lamictal?”

    Me: well apparently the doc says it’s not…

    Nurse: oh she’s not a doc…nurse practitioner

    Me: steam coming from my ears…so pissed…well I’m done I’m goin

    This is the 2nd time in just over a month that a medical person has flat out LIED to me about the side effects of meds. They try to tell me there is no such thing when I KNOW there is. I do not take meds with out researching them…I only agreed to this one b/c my mom has been on it for years and I felt sure I would be ok to take it as she had no problems and I was aware enough that I would question any thing odd…which I did.

    I AM DONE WITH DOCS…I just can not express how mad and hurt I am that these people look at me and see “I’M AN IDIOT LIE TO ME I’LL NEVER KNOW IT” written across my forehead. I did call my Neuro back and spoke with his nurse and flat out told here “I am not an idiot and I am sick of this, I’ll take the prednisone b/c I am about to claw my skin off, if it is not gone by Monday tell him I will be waiting on him when the office opens” I will continue to see him ONLY to get my meds and as for any thing else I guess I will just have to research myself, and treat my self b/c I KNOW MORE THAN THE [edited for content] DOCS DO. Lord knows I do NOT want to get really sick with this, and I normally would not just say sue someone but if I get worse and do end up really sick I WILL OWN EVERYTHING THAT WOMAN AND MY NURO HAVE DOWN TO THEIR UNDERWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hubby is still a little mad b/c I didn’t tell him about all of the meds I’m on …but truthfully I don’t feel like I am on too much. I NEVER take all that I am allowed and I can’t see a way of cutting any of them out just yet. So I’m back at work tonight…itching my tail off. The cream hasn’t helped and I just took my first dose of the steroid (needed to sleep today as I haven’t in a few days and I knew the steroids would hype me up) Too pissed to even think really. My arms are better but still itch and the rash has spread from my neck to my chin and scalp and my back is itchin now…don’t know what will come of this so keep me in your thoughts if you don’t mind.

    What sucks too is that while I wasn’t REAL sure the lamictal was helping I do know it was ATLEAST helping me be not so manic…which I noticed today is getting bad again.


    Back ground

    Started lamictal 1/12 @ 5mg a day...for pain and mania

    increaed to 10mg 1/24

    1/25 developed rashie spot on stomach=Neuro said to go off, watch rash, and that I could restart at 5mg in 2 weeks and stay there...if I wanted to and I did b/c I felt it was workin some, but yes it was a little early to really know if it was gonna work.

    2/2 midnite noticed rash on right arm...looked like "goose bumps" that wouldn't go away and VERY itchy.

    9am 2/2 rash spread to most of right arm/itchy!

    12pm 2/2 spread to left arm/itchy!

    5pm 2/2 spread to front of neck

    9pm to now contiues to spread to back of neck and itchy

    Nothing eles has changed, no meds, no detergents/soap, food, no allergies of any kind

    I've been off the lamictal for just over a it possible to still get rash?

    All of the online pics are of sever cases, what does it look like when it starts?

    Still looks like "goose bumps" or little ?white heads very itchy, espically what is now in my hair. The first spot on right arm has sortof dried up or maybe I just scratched the crap out of it..but it dose look different than the rest now.

    I am at work now and will be watching very close...will call neuro in the morning...but I wonder if it is possible? or likely? My hubby is driving me crazy he is so worried and he is really upset about all the meds I'm on...not b/c he dosnt' belive I need them but just b/c he worries about me and I didn't tell him I was on an antidepressant again (due to the fact that his best friend "s"ed a few months ago due to a psychotic paxil withdrawl) and basiclly meds scare him. I also didn't tell him I was on celebrex again (but I have been on all current meds for about 4 months besides the lamictal) and I have taken them all before with no problesm.

    Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks
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    still pretty itchy though...and I'm at work so unless it were LIfe threatening right now I need to stay at work. Been doing a lot of research and it dosnt' sound like it as I don't have mucous involvemnt/fever/blisters. I will go to docs in the morning though...still alittle worried but trying to stay calm
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    as soon as I get off in a few minutes...the rash is still pretty bad, I'm itching so bad. Hopefully it's nothing will report back
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    I have been on Lamictal for many years. The rash can kill you if untreated. My doctors have alwasy told me to get to the ER immediately, if I should find any rashes.

    Amy, do not let this go any farther. You need to get somewhere..NOW.

    Hugs to you Sweetie...

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    i had another allergic reaction two one of two meds either diflucan or it was zanaflex...they gave me attarax...

    and i was weezing..i am atshmatic...

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    Back to ER!!! Straight away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not to be messed with. Sorry you've been treated this way it's digusting.
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    Why weren't you told about that rash?I would have some dr.'s rear for that one.I take lamictal and was warned about the rash.You have been through a nightmare for no reason.Shame on whoever gave you that med. and didn't tell you the serious side effects.
    I hope you get better soon and you need to chew somebody out fot this.

    I have to tell my er nightmare.My youngest has epilepsy.SHe had her first complex partial seziure the day she came home fromt he hospilal where she was being treated for pnuemonia.Well, while in the hospital they decreased her seizure med. agaisnt the recommendation of my daughters neuro.SHe came on and she had a seizure.We called EMS cause she had never had seizure like this.Well ge to the hospital.Dr. instantly focuses in on the fact she has hydrocephlaus(shunt in her head draining fluid).We had just check the shunt the day before and it was fine but no he insisted.Well all the while my daughter was acting very weird and out of it.Finally we got some blood work done.Dr. came in said shunt is kidding...and said he had no idea what is wrong.Her carbatrol level was 8.6(that is her seizure med.) I told him that was pretty low and he semmed surprised.He said well I guess we will just have to blow this off as one of those things.I wass pissed.When we were leaving I saw the girls from EMS back in the er.The nurse that wa helping us was walking out with us.One of the girls from ems asked what was wrong.I told her that her carbatrol level was too low and then she looked over at the nurse and said ,you were right.Now how is it the nurse knew exactly what was wrong and the quack dr. had no clue.This is one of the reasons I have a bad taste for dr.'s that don't know what they are doing but yet keep treating you.I have lots of stories like this.I extremely recommend if you ever have a child or a loved one in the hospital someone should stay with them.And as for nurses....WE Love Them!!!!
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    My experience has been that all in all most nurses are smarter than the doctors they work under. And you know who does all the work and patient care.

    Just my humble opinion.

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    Linda…Oh yes I agree, I think many nurses feel that they HAVE to be smarter and learn more so that their patients aren’t killed by their docs.

    MCD56...yes I agree that er’s are for emergency’s, which this rash can be. My Neuro told me to go b/c I assume if it was he felt they would just admit me and call him. I asked them to call him and they felt no need. And haha…next time I need to go to the ER maybe I’ll take an axe along with me…hehe

    Shelia…I was told about the rash, and I was familure with the med as my mom has been on it for years. That is why I called the minute I got the rash. And yes I agree with someone staying with loved ones in the hospital. Thanks for the nurse love! I hope your daughter is doing well

    Gigi…My question is WHY do so many of these docs “push us off” on someone else…er’s…when something THEY prescribed and are treating us for goes wrong. Are you still on lamictal? How is it doing for you?

    The rash seems to be subsiding...Still itchy all over. I am wondering "if" it is possible that it was a fluk and I really did just have a radom rash from something eles...would be a complete first for me as I have never been allergic to anything and I don't have the slightest bit of sensitve skin. Thus I am wondering if that is the case could I/should I try the lamictal again at some point? I am once again gettin VERY manic so I need something and I see now that the lamictal was working very well...

    Thanks to all
    soft hugs

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