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    Over the years, I've had all sorts of flooring...hardwood, indoor/outdoor carpeting, tile, etc., but I do have to say laminate flooring has been the most perplexing flooring I've ever had.

    Our home is "older" and we had to do 8 months of renovating before we could move in...that was 14 years ago. At the time, laminate flooring was touted to be the latest and greatest, so that's the route we took. I was told it was so easy to keep clean and never scratches. The only drawback was it could not get "wet"...and what they meant by that "standing" water. I was told to clean it with just plain "409". We had it installed in a very large kitchen, storage/mud room, and 2 hallways.

    The first problem I ran into was 409 changed their formula and the floor looked awful (streaked and cloudy). I asked about a good substitute and the place we bought it couldn't offer an alternative. Since then, over time, I've used vinegar (made the floor cloudy), ammonia (made the floor cloudy), dish soap (made the flour cloudy)...and all of these items are suggested if you do a search on the internet. I've even tried plain hot water without success. And, if not done properly, the flooring streaks...VERY easily.

    I "have to" have help cleaning...I have no choice...too handicapped. One other problem has been trying to convince "helpers" (as I call them) NOT to saturate the flooring when cleaning. Many have NOT a result, where seams meet, the flooring curls (becomes permanent). I also had it installed in our "mud room"...this is where we keep freezers, extra refrigerator and coats/hats, etc. When I've tried to defrost my freezers, water can easily get on the flooring and seeps underneath. As a result, I now have a bubbled area. I "know" it's there but most can't see it.

    Over time, it's lost its luster (needless to say). A while back I bought a "resurfacing" kit and tested it in a hallway. It turned out okay, but not to its original form. Some workers were here and put a very long scratch in this hallway...and there's no way to repair it. Did on online search and the repairs they show are only for very small fractures. Sigh!!

    I like "clean" floors...especially in kitchens. We all drop foods, etc., and feel a clean kitchen floor is important. Had I known the problems, I would never have bought it. I did find a laminate cleaner in our Walmart's (get this) paint department (it's not sold in with their normal cleaning products). Using a dampened microfiber mop, helpers spray this solution, then clean. It isn't perfect, but it does at least clean the floor (sort of).

    Not long ago I learned of tile flooring made to look like wood. I believe it was Sunflower who told me about it. I would love to replace the laminate...truly. But, I just don't have the energy to have this large area all tore up. I would love to use one of those steam cleaners, but this is NOT compatible with laminates.

    Well, this turned into a W&P post...LOL. But, I did want to give you my experiences on this type of flooring.

    Hugs to all,
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    Hi, Windy,

    I think it was Granni asking about the laminate vs. wood flooring. I have seen the tiles on HGTV. There is also a rubbery vinyl which looks like wood. I'm so sorry for all the trouble you have had with your floor. Yikes! Thanks for letting everyone know about the difficulty of laminate flooring.

    Love, Mikie
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    We have laminate floors in one room and real hardwood in the hall and bedrooms. For me the laminate is much easier to take care of. We had it installed about 6 years ago. I use the dry swiffer and vaccum for quick clean ups and then I use a Laminate floor spray cleaner when we do our more in depth cleaning. It is holding up great!
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    Thanks so much for your information with your experience on the laminate flooring. How long ago did you put down your laminate? Maybe yours could be older than kswebb's. They are always coming out with new stuff and improving on the older material.

    I also had the reservations you did about the saturating the floor. I also have help in doing my floors at ties and she would probably saturate it like she does the tiles we have now. We are probably gong to have it doe in the living room and then maybe the Master bedroom. The bath is half carpet and 1/2 tile by the toilet and shower and tub. The kitchen has tile and goes into the family room. I hate the floor - off white and always dirty but think I will probably stick with it.

    Gotta run for now. Will check it all out and we won't be doing anything for some time yet, maybe around Nov. or so. I appreciate both of your information on these floors. Right now all we have is tile and carpet.

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    My laminates are 14 years old. Yes, the technology keeps changing and it is possible it's made better these days. BUT, the main drawback is NOT to saturate laminates. It's only been in recent years they've come out with actual "laminate floor cleaner".

    As I mentioned, it's mainly in my kitchen and I feel kitchen floors need to be "clean". If I had my druthers, I would put down (if not tile) plain old linoleum. I'm not talking about "vinyl" flooring. Linoleum is recyclable where vinyl flooring isn't. I would love to just fill a bucket, mop my floors, then let them dry. Viola! "Clean" floors...ta da!

    Hugs to all,
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    Hi Quinn

    Welcome to the board. Thanks for the tip. Am I right in thinking a tip from Quinn
    would be a Q-tip?

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    Oh, Rock, your puns just floor me. I wood give you a big hug if I could. It would certainly keep me from being board. I, personally don't want any floor which has to be cleaned daily. I have tile in my kitchen, entry and baths. I also have a Hoover floor machine and it dispenses the cleaner/water, scrubs the tiles and sucks it all back up, leaving the tiles sparkling clean with very little work on my part. If I could switch the tile for real wood, I would.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie, I am ash-tonished at your lav-ash display of witty puns. Well done. They are
    more than oak-ay. Here's an historic pun for you. "Noah's ark was made of gopher wood,
    but Joan of Arc was Maid of Orleans." Attributed to Richard Whatley, Archbishop of Dublin
    in the 18th century.

    My grandparents lived in an old farmhouse with hardwood floors. The laundry room
    had a floor of cy-press. Grandma did all her ironing there. Sometimes she got a little
    board. Pined to spruce herself up and travel. But she'd tell herself, "Yew can't have
    everything," and just stick it out.