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    My doctor wants me to get off Restoril because I've been taking it for two+ years. (The PA says stay on if it helps...) I'm having a tough time because a.) it's a capsule and hard to divide, and b.) I have nothing to take its place. She gave me a scipt for Xanax since they're both benzos but it doesn't help me sleep and I don't really like to take drugs, period.

    1. Can melatonin be taken at the same time as Restoril? Is it worth a try or should I get back to a doctor and find something else to help me sleep?

    2. I'm also taking (about) 25 mgs. of 5-HPT a day which I find very helpful. Any problem with that and melatonin or Xanax?

    Very confusing.




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    Hi Marta

    I can't help you with Restoril. But I can tell you this, I'm on Xanax for years. I added 5htp and help me a lot.If you take 5HTP you don't need to take melatonin. Your body will make it from 5Htp.
    You may want to try Gaba to help you relax at night time.

    I hope this helps.Gosia
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    It does help, thanks! Xanax and Restoril are both benzos so I can gauge by that. I didn't know 5HTP made melatonin but it figures because, when I take the full 50 mgs, I sleep very hard. But if I take 50 mgs. every day, I get hyper so I'm playing chemist with gel caps.

    How much 5HTP do you take, if I may ask? What difference do you feel? This is one of those things that I've tried on my own. My doctor said it wouldn't work but it does. So much for her. ;>)

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    Oh, so sorry you're been doubly sick and shingles are awful! I was concerned about you knowing how good you are about getting back to us here. I know that Hayleycole was also looking for you. I hope you're feeling better.

    I see the PA on Thursday and will ask her about the sleep med (the name of which, of course, I've already forgotten but know the ad features Abe Lincoln and a beaver).


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    Just FYI, I have been on Restoril for 14 yrs because it is the only thing that helps me sleep. Every now and then I try something else but nothing has ever helped me sleep as well as the Restoril - which isn't great, just better than the others I have tried.

    My doctors have said that there have been no studies done on the effects of long term usage of Restoril. On the other hand, I gotta sleep!

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    Thanks, Pepper. Fifteen years, huh?

    And you haven't had to increase the dose? Do you take any meds for anxiety?

    Have you tried Rozerem?

    Just a few questions. ;>)


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