Lamotta77 .... CFS/Lyme Diagnosis .... Open to All

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elsa, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. elsa

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    I read with great interest your topic on CFS and Lyme diagnosis. Many of us end up doing years of research on these illnesses out of desperate necessity.

    I have always found your posts to be of an analytical, critical path nature .... I am greatly appreciative of your efforts.

    I am in very much agreement with your openning post. I thought it was clear and concise in an otherwise very murky area. It is unfortunate that we don't have an easy time of it where diagnosis is concerned. One can always hope for a better diagnostic future.

    Sudden, painful osteoarthric joints is quite easy to pin-point. There are those of us who have developed OA, perhaps due to repetitive action, wear and tear, genetics ... but we didn't wake up one morning with OA jt deterioration, stiffness and pain. These take time.

    If a sudden onset strikes ... (I agree with the knees and hips being most common) ... Lyme should be at the top of the suspect list.

    I could not have put into words any clearer the defining CFS post malaise experience.

    >>>> "There is no pushing with this disorder as it always pays you back, quadruple." <<<<

    Absolutely true. I can carry this defining criteria a step further .... Difference between FMS fatigue and CFS PEM ...
    CFS malaise just as you defined it.

    FMS fatigue at skeletal muscle cellular level. There is only so much energy in the powerhouse and those with GH deficiencies will find their skeletal muscle cells are decreased in number as well as size, causing the fatigue or weakness that wipes us out. Tis very different then the 24-48 hour flu-like "face plant" of the CFS payback malaise.

    For me, it is a very clear difference between the two. It seems there can also be, (but not always), a very clear difference between Lymes and CFS.

    Perhaps some of the more emotional responses to your post are rooted in the very hard won diagnosis, respect and dignity that took years to come about for many of them. Things are set .... some may have seen it as rocking the boat.

    In any case, I thank you for your efforts in putting it all together. I have the greatest respect for your writings as they do not come about randomly .... but after much careful thought and consideration.

    I hope all is well with you .....

  2. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Bumping .... Thank you ....

  3. springrose22

    springrose22 New Member

    I agree Elsa, that Lamotta 77 said it very clearly. CFS post exertional malaise is sooo debilitating. Do now, pay later.... Thanks Lamotta. Happy Holidays to all. Marie

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