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    I gathered from a previous post of yours that you are from the Philadelphia area. I am living in Philadelphia as well - have you considered going to the FFC in KoP?

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    So you are saying you are allergic to most medicine and supplements? That is pretty rough, and I'm sure you've tried starting off with the tiniest possible dose and working up, huh. Sorry to hear that. Yes, I have been going to the FFC in KoP since October 2005, so has not even been a year yet. I'm much worse since I started, but because of financial reasons I haven't been able to continually stick with what they recommended. I also am very impatient, so if something wasn't working after a month or so I would stop using it. That's just something I have to work through myself.

    A lot of it is since I don't have unlimited finances, it's hard for me to justify continually buying things that I did not immediately improve upon. If nothing else, maybe go to the FFC for the bloodwork, or find a doctor who will run a lot of the same tests. The FFC was the only doctor in my area who actually knew what he was doing. I've been to so many doctors in the area (4 CFS "specialists"), and none were at all helpful besides the FFC.

    Can I ask you where you are in the city? I am very close to Southwest Philly where I grew up.

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