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    GBHope here. I noticed on a previous post to someone that you said you had a hysterectomy in June of last year as did I. I'm assuming you are still able to work since it says you are a nurse? My health deteriorated greatly after the surgery. Couldn't tolerate the Premarin, so not on anything now and going through menopause, not to mention I developed a bout of hyperthyroidism with the shift in hormones. How well did you get through it and how are you doing now?

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    I must check my profile again. I quit working in 2004. I was first diagnosed with sjogrens syndrome, then Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. I am on so much medication right now I wouldn't trust myself at work.LOL

    I had the hysterectomy and really expected to have a lot of improvement. The only thing it helped was the really bad cramps I had and the heavy periods are no more. I still have the fm pain along with all the other pain and the depression.

    I worked home health as my last nursing job. It was the easiest job I ever had in nursing and I was having a hard time keeping up. Along with the pain, I had bad fibro fog.

    I see where you could not tolerate the premarin. Neither could I. But I started the patches about a month after surgery(estrogen). I took a couple months before most of my hot flashes subsided. But the patches has helped greatly.

    Premarin gave me headaches that I couldn't get rid of even taking something, not even temporarily. I hope you get some relief with the menopause symptoms. I understand what you are going thru and so sorry that your condition got worse after surgery.

    I worried about this happening before the surgery. I get checked periodically for thyroid problems. Haven't had any yet. I hope your doc is treating your thyroid problems. If I can answer any more questions let me know.

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    Glad you were able to tolerate the patch. I don't know if I will forge on through the menopause or try something else at some point. If I did, it would probably be some biodentical hormones. I too have the menopausal depression. I would occasionally get depressed a day or two here and there before, but would bounce right back out of it. Now it can go on longer unfortunately. I am afraid to take anymore estrogen, as I wonder if that contributed to my thyroid problem. I am taking Toprol XL still from the hyperthyroid episode and that helps me with heart racing since I suffer with an element of POTs-like syndrome or neurocardiogenic syncope. I just know my autonomic system does not work correctly anymore. I'm sorry you have developed all those problems with different autoimmune disease. I too suffer with bouts of inflammation, but can't get properly diagnosed with it. I'm getting a little frustrated. My system is just very compromised and every once in a while, my sed rate goes up and recently it was so bad with one shoulder, then the other, then one thumb, then the other, then one wrist, then the other and my right hip that just pretty much froze up. My sed rate went up to about 60ish, which to some isn't that high, but I felt terrible. Anyway, thanks for the info. Take care of yourself.