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  1. ellie5320

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    my dr prescribed zoton to cut the acid in my stomach reflux etc. after reading the side effects I asked to change,side effects included transient aches and pains many of my fms symtoms were a lot worse, after a change in medication I am at present not in as much pain. so keeping my fingers crossed that this is the only reason my pain and numbness had got so bad ( been off them 2 weeks)I had been on them approx 2 yrs thought any one else taking this may be interested
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    I've taken some of this on and off over the summer for reflux. It did seem to reduce the burning sensation but I got quite anxious on it. In fact I took a dose yesterday and within 3 hours was having a panic attack.

    Don't think I'll take any more since it doesn't agree with me. I'll stick to Gaviscon.