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    Lanti, I was just dx 5 months ago. I am 53. But think I started symtoms at age 40. At age 40 I STARTED to have headaches, felt very dizzy, and could not focus. Went to Dr. He put me on antidepressants. I was not depressed, but they did make me feel much better. Everytime I tried to get off them, I felt the same symtoms, so went back on them. Because of the side effect of antidepressant- I finally got off them, and started taking natural stuff and in no time symtoms came on with a vengance. Extreme fatigue, muscle soreness and weakness. Had other symtoms develop during those years before, like IBS, numbness in feet,and some immune deficiecy problems. I hadn't heard of it at forty, but when I started to have so many problems when I got off antidepressants, I by then had a friend who had it and it sounded familiar. I checked the internet and ask my Dr to get me a dx. She said she thought it was FM. Sent me to rhumatologist and it was confirmed.

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