Lap Band for weight loss?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KCRedtail, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. KCRedtail

    KCRedtail New Member

    Hi all,

    I am considering having the lap band surgery for weight loss. It seems less invasive than gastric bypass which i would not do. I think some of you have had this done and would like to know how well it mixed with your fibro.

    Thanks for your input,


  2. gnanny

    gnanny New Member

    has referred me to the gastric bypass program. Still in the educational/investigative stages. I have fibro and arthritis. I need to have both knees replaced, bad feet and ankle too so getting the weight off these joints would improve my quality of life tremendously.
    At the introductory class there was a surgeon who spoke. He was dead set against the lap band, said it was more dangerous than the bypass and they do not do the lap band at all at this hospital.

    There are serious issues to consider with the bypass...thus my hesitation. The word Permanently has an ominous ring to it.

    Good question, I will be glad to see any input.
  3. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm very surprised to hear that, that particular surgeon thought the Lap Band procedure was more dangerous than Bypass.

    I've read up on both a little but certainly am no authority. It always seemed that with the band, at least if complications occurred they could just remove it. I'd love to have one of these procedures but probably never will do to being a "chicken" and also unless insurance would cover the cost.

    I always thought that if I could get the band surgery, I'd ask them not to place it quite so tight (I don't want to be reduced to eating a few spoons of food for the day). I figured as long as I was losing weight who cared if it took me a little extra time! (that's a true food lover talking).
    Hope you get some answers..........Jill.............
  4. KCRedtail

    KCRedtail New Member

    Thanks for your feedback. Gnanny, I would love to know why your Doc thought lapband was bad. Can you find out for me.

    I have been to two seminars of lapband, spoke with those you have had it done, talked to my doc and friends who are docs. They are all positive about it. It can be removed.
    Nothig is cut and rearranged like bypass.

    The lapband is adjustable through a port. If you feel you are not eating enough, they can adjust it with out surgery, or tighten it if eating to much. The results were fabulous. The surgery is laproscopic and takes under an hour. There were people at the seminar who had gastric bypass, now stretched out their pouch, and want the lapband for their pouch!

    I like the lapband, you can eat almost anything you want, you just feel full sooner, something I don't find bad.

    PLease keep the info coming, I want this weight off. From what I heard at the seminar, almost all insurance companies cover this if you are 100 lbs over or have health problems related to weight.


  5. KCRedtail

    KCRedtail New Member

    Anymore advice?

  6. gnanny

    gnanny New Member

    but this surgeon who was speaking...not a question answer period....spoke quite strongly about his feeling it was more dangerous. He was one of those intimidating Dr. God type of surgeons. There are more information sessions coming and I will ask another when I get the chance. This surgeon said that with presurgery appointments, surgery and follow up it could easily come close to $70, ooo. They try to make very sure this is the right option for you before they invest that much into you. The lap band would be much less expensive so you would think they would persue that avenue.

    With the gastric bypass you cannot take anti-inflammatories, with arthritis and FMS that is a serious consideration. Advil is a staple item for me just to keep moving.

    The way I understood it you lose the bulk of the weight in the first 12 to 18 months. After that your body has adjusted to eating less and often the pouch has been stretched out more so you could be at risk of gaining weight again. I can see your point of some wanting the lapband at this stage because there wouldnt be many options left.

    I am trying to work on my state of mind....while it may be overwhelming (and painful) to need to lose such a large amount of weight I am trying to convince myself that even if I set small goals of 10 or 30 pounds that would still be less to carry around and so a little less painful.
    Sounds reasonable anyway.
    With serious weightloss in my near future I need to get out of 'last supper' mentality...You know last chance for great BBQ or a special dessert. sigh

    Best wishes
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  7. KCRedtail

    KCRedtail New Member

    Thanks for your reply. Can you go to a seminar on lapband?

    The last supper thing is wild, I have been doing that also, what is my problem!

    I want to make ane informed decesion but I still can not find out why lap band may be wrong. When you do know, it would be great to hear from you. folks lived in Salem for 15yrs and I have been through Hillboro OR is beautiful.

    AS far as drugs, I think asprin is the only thing they want you to cut down on. All other pills are ok, but you may have to crush them.

    Please stay in touch,

  8. chloeuk

    chloeuk New Member

    I was banded in jan05, I lost around 80lbs and then got sick with a virus, I did suffer with some joint problems before I had the band and after the virus these became worse than ever...I am still not well and now have a b12 defiency. I have had a partial dx of cfs basically because they couldnt work out what was wrong with me. Because of the joint pain I was forced to take steroids so gained 30lbs in weight back and have lost most of that since then.

    I do not have tight restriction so I can eat most foods although meat is always a problem. I dont regret having the surgery but it hasnt helped me with my health problems in fact my cholestrol has shot up since I had the band even though I have lost a ton of weight.

    I use a website which is great for information so if you want to know more please fell free to contact me.

  9. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    I had the Roux N Y (laproscopically) in 2002. I lost 120 pounds in about 8 months. Then in Sept. of 2003 my son died and I gained 70 pounds back. (You CAN defeat the surgery!) In Jan. of 2004 I had neck fusion. Gained more. I am now back down to about 250, but it is much harder the second time.

    If my insurance would cover the lapband I would definately consider it.

    As far as the GBS...I would do it all over again! Losing 120 pounds was worth the pain and fear.

    You need to research it thoroughly. Go to There is a ton of information there.

    God Bless.
  10. KCRedtail

    KCRedtail New Member

    for your replies, I really need to do something.

    Chloe, I would be interested in other websites, thank you.

    Unicornk, I will check out your website. Thank you.

    I know a lot of us, especially me, use food for stress releif, entertainment, never ends, so it seems.

  11. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I am currently going through all of the required tests and sessions neccesary prior to having gastric bypass surgery.

    I originally thought I wanted the gastric bypass, now I am getting a little scared due to all the cutting and rerouting of organs! Ugh!

    So ... now I'm seriously thinking of trying the lap band. I know if that doesn't work, I could get it removed and have the gastric bypass later -- if my insurance would pay twice!! (I know -- I should probably hold my breath!! LOL)

    With the lapband, at the seminar, he said that you normally only lose 1-2 pounds per week. So, your weight loss is a whole lot slower, but hopefully, safer!

    I know he said that with the gastric bypass, you had to take a certain type vitamin which is $40/month for the rest of your life as well as drink protein power in whatever you want to put it in every day.

    I don't think you have that with the lapband.
  12. chloeuk

    chloeuk New Member

    The lap band seems to be quite effective longer term as you can have it adjusted whereas sometimes with bypass your pouch can become enlarged and you plateau, it also gives you the option on how much you want to restrict how much you can eat. I have always opted for some restriction but not being really tight, I know many who really suffer to achieve their goals but they are being sick daily.

    There are downsides to the band, you can not eat and drink at the same time, when you are tight if you drink after you eat you throw up. ALso some medictations are not allowed to be taken with a band like nsaids which for me with joint pain and not being able to take opiates is a huge problem...wasnt something that I was told until after surgery.

    The other thing is dont go into it thinking your health will improve, if anything I had less problems at 230lbs than I did at 150. I have a b12 defiency since the band and worsening problems with joints and partial diagnosis of cfs, have been unable to have any quality of life since Jan this year...having said all of that I dont regret it, but you quickly forget what it was like to be that heavy...I dont dream of being slim I just wanted to be like everyone else.

    The board I use is there is a huge amount of info on all types of weight loss surgery, there is another option called the DS but I will let you look there and hopefully you will gain loads of is a very busy forum with loads of daily posts and journals or those who are going thru it.


    Just wanted to add recovery only takes about 2 weeks and then you are pretty much back to normal.[This Message was Edited on 10/15/2006]
  13. JackieDH

    JackieDH New Member

    I had gastric bypass on April 19, 2006. It has changed my life. Although I still have bouts of Fibro Flare it has been much improved.
    The type of surgery I had is called a duodenal switch and you can learn about it on You have a 6 oz stomach and can eat normal foods without pain. You have both stomache valves so you don't have dumping and you don't get things stuck. I have lost 106 pounds in 7 months. This surgery has a better track record for keeping weight off than any other weightloss surgery. I am 17 pounds from my goal and more active than ever.
    I have a personal website about my surgery you can check it out. If you have questions please ask.
  14. gnanny

    gnanny New Member

    Thanks for sharing your story. Very interesting.
    Your thoughts are well written and I could feel your emotions.
    Not an easy quick fix journey and you deserve to reap some of the benefits now.

    take care and best wishes,

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