lap band surgery on TV Monday for weight loss

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    I was reading about the Suzzanne Sommers diet and on Monday on Entertainment Tonight Ann Wilson from the old group "Heart" will be on Monday. She had the Lap Band surgery done and will talk about it. Its like minor surgery and they just but a band on you stomach. Ozzy Osbournes wife did it 10 yrs ago in England and she lost 80 pds.
  2. Rene

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    I was reading about the Suzzanne Sommers diet and on Monday on Entertainment Tonight Ann Wilson from the old group "Heart" will be on Monday. She had the Lap Band surgery done and will talk about it. Its like minor surgery and they just but a band on you stomach. Ozzy Osbournes wife did it 10 yrs ago in England and she lost 80 pds.
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    I am about 80 lbs overweight. I know this extra weight contributes greatly to my aches and pains. I have heard alot of people talking about this surgery and stomach stapling (I don't know if this is the same thing or not). If anybody knows about this I am curious also. I have tried all the diets, exercise, eating healthy and I have only lost 10 lbs in 5 months. I am not so sure a doc will do it if you aren't so many lbs overweight (I may fall into this category anyway). I know that the weightloss will help alleviate alot of pain.
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    Try a low carb diet first. I have heard of so many people die or become permanently ill from these surgeries. You will have to eat low carb after the surgery ANYWAY, so why not just try it first? Low-carb dieting puts you in a fat-burning state called ketosis (not ketoacidosis that diabetics get) and it is a natural appetite suppressant.
    I belong to a site called locarbfriends (they dont sell anything) and it is wonderful for information, support, and motivation. Please dont let the doctors butcher you to lose weight, it is not necessary. i know several people who have lost over 100 pounds and kept it off painlessly while eating healthy natural foods.
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    I'm not big enough for the surgery YET! But being 22 hours bed ridden for 4 yrs I have gained weight and lost weight. I have CFS and the weigh loss didn't help with energy. I have been reading on yahoo and I have not heard of any death from lap band. Its not a 3 hrs surgery like the others and they don't cut your insides. It just make you fill full. I am going to go on a diet and will lose and have it documented and then I will probably gain more so then I can get the minor surgery paid for. Losing weight I can do but keeping it off NO WAY.
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    I was never able to keep it off either. I dieted for 25 years before finding low carb. I found a good thing when I found low-carb almost two years ago, and never looked back. Here is my story I sent to the atkins center:

    The Atkins way of eating has changed my life for the better, forever. It has given me control over my addiction to sugar, which caused me to overeat. It has improved my health by enabling me to eat foods that are healthy and nutritious. It allows me to eat more calories so that I am not starving my body of the nutrients it needs to keep healthy. It has done for me what no other diet has ever done before.

    I have been dieting since I was 9 years old. I tried every diet known to man, including low fat, low calorie, the 7 day diet, the cabbage soup diet, scarsdale, Fit for Life, vegetarian, vegan, and countless others. The only one I had ever been able to lose weight on was weight watchers. I did WW for 25 years off and on. I would yo-yo on and off it, losing 20, gaining 50, losing 40, gaining 20. Every winter I would gain over the holidays and lose it again for the summer. I probably gained and lost over 500 pounds in my lifetime. I went between the two extremes of bingeing on carbs while gaining, to being very strict on WW. It was all or nothing. While bingeing I always felt guilty. While on WW I was always starving and craving. I hated the food, anything low-fat is just GROSS, and I always dreaded going back on it, which would keep me in the bingeing phase longer and longer. My metabolism was so screwed up that I had to stay under 18 points to lose, and under 20 to maintain. Sometimes I would eat all my points by noon, and have to eat free vegies the rest of the day. It was no way to live.

    In spring of 2000 I tried my first low carb diet. I settled on the zone, because it didn’t have as much negative press as atkins or protein power. It was a little better than WW, because it kept the cravings away about 1/2 the time, but it was still pretty low in fat. But I still had to stay under 11 blocks to lose, which is about 1100 calories, and I was hungry and craving the other half the time. It was so complicated, I could never figure out what I did right when it worked, and what I was doing wrong when it didn’t. I ended up going off it and back to bingeing and gaining back the 20 pounds I lost plus another 20.

    In December of 2000 I found Atkins. I never looked back. In the beginning I still had my "all or nothing" attitude. I bounced between strict induction, to bingeing. The difference was, my binges only lasted a day or two, (except for one on vacation that lasted a week.) The reason my binges never lasted long was because I didn’t dread going back on the plan. The food was yummy and satisfying. I loved the idea that I never had to eat anything low-fat or watch fat grams. Plus, I felt horrible when I was bingeing on carbs. That was proof to me that this way of eating was healthier. After a binge I couldn’t wait to go back on low carb. This went on for about 8 months, and despite my cheating, I lost 30 pounds. My goal had been to get down to 120 and be a size six, but at 137 pounds I fit into a size six! My body composition was more muscle, because the protein was helping me build muscle. More proof that this way of eating is healthy.

    After that I began experimenting with healthy carbs and finding my CCL, and have finally gotten to a point where I can maintain low carb without the "all or nothing" attitude. I am maintaining nicely with about 40-60 carbs a day. I eat mostly meats, vegies, and nuts. I have added back small servings of fruit, yogurt and limited amounts of grains, like corn (a handful of popcorn, a corn tortilla, some cornmeal for breading, and fibercrisp crackers on occasion). Some people have one or two slices of whole grain bread on maintainance, but bread doesn’t interest me. Every now and then I have a "binge meal" but it never lasts more than one meal. And I usually feel so horrible the next day that its a long time before I do it again. I have been maintaining like this for a year now. I am so happy I have found something I can do for life. I eat about 1600-1800 calories a day, with an occasional high day of 2500 or so. I truly have the metabolic advantage of being able to eat more calories on low carb.

    My health has improved tremendously since I have been low-carbing. The most dramatic change is in digestion. I used to suffer from intense nausea and heartburn for as long as I can remember. I would go through a giant bottle of tums a week, nothing ever helped. This completely went away within a week of being on atkins, and promptly returns whenever I binge on carbs. My blood sugar is also more stable. I used to suffer from hypoglycemia. I had to carry food with me wherever I went. I can now go several hours without food and feel fine. I have hepatitis C, and my liver functions are normal for the first time since contracting the disease. I always had brittle thin hair, now it is fabulous. In the past, when I would get thin, I would have wrinkles, but now I have no wrinkles. I look and feel ten years younger.

    After 25 years of torturing and starving myself on low-fat low-calorie diets, I have finally found something that works for me, and is good for me. Because of all my experience with dieting, I latched onto atkins, knowing a good thing when I found it. Atkins and protein power are the only diets that have the metabolic advantage. All other diets, including all other low-carb diets, work by starving yourself on low calories, which is not healthy for anyone. The most amazing thing about this way of eating is not that I have lost the weight, but that I only had to lose it ONCE!!!

    That is the story I sent into the atkins center as my success story. Every word is true. I finally have conquered the "fat beast". I dont eat pounds of bacon and butter. But I CAN if I want to, and not gain. Mostly I eat healthy foods, lean meats, lots of vegies, some fruits, nuts. Give it a try before you let someone cut you open.
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    Surgery is bad enough for a healthy person, but for us its a lot worse. I dont know about you, but the slightest procedure will send me into a flare. Even a cleaning at the dentist.
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    I'm not able to get it done but Sharron Osbourne says it wonderful and its NOT an invasive surgery. They don't cut your stomach or staple it. The only cut is 2 1 inch to get the band on. The band is also reversible if you want it out. Ann wilson of Heart on enetertainment tonight is very happy with it. I not getting it done cause I'm not fat enough and don't have a social life anyway. Last movie I went to was 1 yr a go. There is a message board called the Bandsters on yahoo.
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    I am from the Dtroit, MI area, Ann Arbor to be exact. Anyway a local political woman, from Detroit, had that surgery done, and ended up in the emergency room the next day. She didn't make it :(

    Just remember anything that sounds to good to be true probably is.

    I am glad that you say you are not heavy enough to have the surgery because then that way I know you won't be having it.

    I believe we all should just except ourselves the way we are, and try to be healthy. What I mean is eat as healthy as possible, and exercise when you feel you can. Even if it is just a walk around the block each day, somekind of movement will also help our Fibro. (By the way did this post have anything to do with Fibro/CFS?)
    P.S. I bet you are a beautiful person regardless of weight, because most of the people who come to this board are caring, concerned, loving, and are truly genuine!
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    Hey, thanks for your kind words at the end. I like myself but being over weight is not good for anyone. But I don't think losing weight would cure me cause I have gone up and down 30 pds and it didn't affect my fatigue.

    I guess te post has as much to do with CFS as Mikies post on Suzanne Sommers diet. It you get the lap you will fill full after eating just a little. Most people can go on 1000 calories a day with it.

    I'm in know way saying anyone should or shouldn't do it. I have read about it for months and people are pleased. Sharron Osbourne (Ozzy) didn't even have to spend the night when she got it done 10 yrs ago. ANYWAy I'm not big enough and trust me Kaiser (crappy HmO) wouldn't pay for it.