Lapband or Gastric Bypass

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    This is a very popular subject these days with so many people caught in the "obesity blackhole". Blackhole? Yes. What do you think of when you hear blackhole? I think of falling down deeper and deeper where you never land. Just floating downwards in a deep dark hopeless hole with no bottom. Sound familiar?

    Well, medical science has come up with an alternative to this delimma. One should hope so but it does come with risks. Plus you MUST adhere to the tight regimen of watching what you eat and how much. Why? If you stomach is made smaller, why do you have to watch? You are going to feel fuller sooner so that automatically tells you. Really? Well, if you don't eat the right things, and learn how to space yourself, it is possible to become ill and then, also to add on weight again.

    Rather than go into much detail with either method of bariatric surgery, I have a medical website I thought I would put in this message so you can go and take a look for yourself. I think it is a really good place to learn. When the page comes up, you will see many people and you can click on each one and they will show you the before and after pictures. They are incredible! Then scroll down to the bottom and you will see many things listed. You will want to go down to where it says surgery. I started with the one that said, "banded-roux-en-Y gastric bypass", then there are two following that says laproscopic banded-roux-en-Y and then laproscopic adjustable gastric banding. Those are the three I was interested in. The gastric bypass is the one they recommend and compared to is the most productive.

    Here's the site you can go to.

    You will need to copy it and paste it in your address box at the top of the screen should you not be able to just click on it.

    When the website comes up, you will see various tab headings at the top of that screen as well along with those at listings down the page that I mentioned above. I went to the Weight Loss Tab and clicked it. It was very informative. I hope this link helps many of you have a fuller insight to this kind of surgery should you be considering it. As for myself, I really need to have it done because I am very much obese. However, my doctor along with myself, feels that it would be too risky for me since I have had so many infections with my leg (cellulites, an infection of the deep layers of the skin. VERY SERIOUS) and there is no telliing how much bacteria remains inside my body. It would be too risky for me to undergo anything of that nature even though both of us would agree that it would be a good thing, health wise, for me to do it. Not to mention being able to move and getting pressure off my joints and organs. Plus, if I have to watch what I eat AFTER the surgery anyway, I need to be very serious and start eating right in the first place. If you are one that needs to be policed like I do, then you need to belong to a diet group such as Weight Watchers. I must say that back in 1973, I had lost 109 lbs in about 1 yr time. It was great. I went from size 24 to a 12 and in a couple of cases size 11. I kept it off for about 5 years and then it very subtley started going back on. I tried to go back to Weight Watchers ( their program is EXCELLENT )but didn't hang in there. I wanted to be a lecturer when I first lost the weight but we had differences of opinions on a personal matter that really should not even been in question. Had they let me do what I wanted to do, then I could have kept it off all the way. As a lecturer you MUST maintain your weight. Should you even gain 5 lbs over for even just 2 weeks, you are dismissed from your position as a lecturer. Anyway, surgeries, Weight Watchers, etc, etc is all about eating healthy, exercising and feeling and looking good. So either you want to or you don't. If you are careless about going on a strict eating program, then you need not bother with the surgeries. You will need to be strict with youself at that point or you will experience much discomfort. I don't know being on Medicare if they would pay for this or not. I don't have any other health insurance. Plus, that isn't the only thing. What about the plastic surgery needed afterwards. When you lose that drastically, you will have much skin just hanging. When I was in Weight Watchers, I NEVER had a skin problem. The way they had us set up, all the things we were to eat and drink, kept our muscles tighten up along with the weight loss. Even an young girl in a wheelchair lost a lot of weight and she never exercised because she couldn't but lost and toned up great.

    Well, that is it. Copy that website and get going and expand that grey matter in your head. :) Best to be informed than to just go along for the ride. God Bless all of you.

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    Well, that is wonderful news about your cousin!! I know when I started their program in 1972, I was so scared thinking that I had a heart attack the night before, I actually lived in fear. You might say, that scared me straight into WW !! :) I NEVER cheated a bit. NOT even when making a cake for the family. I always liked licking the bowl. Well, I didn't even as much as lick the spoon. I never missed a meeting. I was good all through the holidays. Never cheated then either. People were amazed at my self control. I told them I didn't want that kind of thing to happen to me again. I was so scared that night. I had a dream and in that dream, I was sitting on the floor and I said to someone sitting next to me, "if I don't get into Weight Watcher's right away, something bad is going to happen to me." I suddenly woke up to feeling this ker plunk happening to me over and over again in my chest. It wouldn't stop. I was trying to stay calm but I was scared to death. THAT NIGHT I was sitting in a WW meeting. Twelve months later, I had taken off 109 lbs.

    It is the most sensible eating plan anyone could do for their body. Yes, age could have lots to do with the excess fat that may hang on a body that has lost all that weight. I wouldn't know for sure because I didn't have any. Those in wheelchairs didn't have it either. We had older people in their 70's that didn't have it. I can't speak from any point of view on that. All I know is that they told us that drinking the milk meant everything when it came to toning up. Somehow those that made sure they drank their daily allotment, never had a hanging problem. I love milk and I didn't have a hanging problem, so I attributed that to drinking the milk. I used the 1/2% milk-- skim. I know, I know, many of you going yuckkkk!! out there. :) All I can say is that you do what you have to do to get to where you have to be. Like I said, I was scared straight.

    Those of you thinking of these other surgeries, keep in mind, that someone is going to have to keep watch over you anyway and you are going to have to eat right as well, so that being the case, why not let WW watch over you and you report to them while you are eating right, and you will achieve your goal. They are so supportive. Everyone has the same temptations that you would have and they tell how they overcame that week or day. You can even pick a person there and befriend them as a buddy and you can watch over each other. Make calls to each other when you think you are going to slip. Really, Weight Watchers is the best health eating plan and way to lose the weight and keep it off. It is the most healthy way of doing things. No after effects like in a surgery. God Bless all of you.

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    Unfortunately, that does happen with many people who have lost with W.W. In fact, the program with Sweatin With The Oldies, is pretty much like the Weight Watchers Program in regards to the amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and milk/dairy. I saw this poor dear man that Richard Simmons went to see again because he had gained so much weight back to where he really is in danger of dying. Richard was even crying while trying to motivate this man to try harder. This man was in his dancing exercise program and you could see how much incredible weight he had lost.

    The sad thing is that all of us say, "when I am done and get to my goal, I am NEVER going to look like that again. Well, some do keep that promise to themselves while others not only put it back on but put on even more. Each time you lose and gain, then go back and try to lose again, it gets harder each time. I think that initial motivation that got you in the running and winning the battle becomes less effective later on after time and time again. I have tried so many times to get that feeling back again so that I could maked it stick. Like those who are addicted to cigarettes, I too, am saying, I won't give up trying. You HAVE to keep saying that. That has to always be in front of you like a dangling carrot. As I write this, I am thinking that perhaps, I and maybe others, need to put that picture of us when we actually got down to where we were shocked that we could get there, hang it on the refrigerator. Hang another one in another spot. Hang them all over so that it is on your mind all the time until one day, you get up and you just do it. I know many of you out there think, "well that is wishful thinking." Well, maybe so, but you will never know the impact it may have on you if you should do it. Also, make sure you grab a buddy. We "cheaters" (smile) need a bodyguard. We need to be policed. Accept it!! That's the truth!! We will STEAL when we get the chance. That piece of cake, that extra sandwich, that bottle of pop that is not diet, pie?, etc etc. You know how it is. You grab it and run into the bathroom. You ever find yourself yelling at the kids for bothering you while you were in the bathroom? It isn't because you are in there doing the business you are suppose to be doing, you are doing business, MONKEY Business. Monkey see, Monkey do Monkey can't say NO to you (cookies) :) :) :) And yes, your weight will need to be modified according to your age. Although, they didn't do that with my group. We had women in their early 70's and they had the same goals as we all did. By golly, they really lost it too. Men?? I HATE them!! :) :) I mean they lost and lost and lost. Some even bragged about the beer they drank during the week that they were not suppose to drink. They would lose much faster and more than the ladies. I did love the meetings. We had the W.W. cheft in, he would create dishes for us to sample. We shared so much stories that were a blessing. Even when certain obstacles would hit us during the week with the husband/wife or children, jobs, etc. Anything that stressed us out. We learned how to cope with that in regards to our eating.

    I guess I am pitching here for the good beneficial health program vs the bypasses. We have all gained weight that has psychological backgrounds. While taking the longer route losing it with the help of others, we learn to live different as well as eat different. It IS a whole new life to live. Not just a new diet/nutritional way of eating. We need that whole new structure that we normally wouldn't get with the bypass. Sure anyone can lose the weight like that, then there is the new diet program of the new way to eat with the new stomach inside along with a exercise regimen. But where is the support staff. You are left out there to go IF YOU WANT TO. However, who feels that they have to. You got the big part done. Weight off. You have been resculptured (excess fat trimmed off), etc. Why do you need a chat group. Well, I for one, need to gather with others so that I don't play this up and down yo yo game anymore. You really need to live in a new way of life forever to remain happy and content. When you feel better, you walk, act and talk different. Why? Because you ARE better because you ARE different. Well, there you have it. Go out there. Be an inspiration to others. If you don't need to lose any pounds, bless your heart and be a buddy to someone. If you need to lose, find a buddy, get into a good program, and talk about your situation with others and what you are doing and you will be surprised how much you are infected with your own words and it will be a boost to yourself as well as that one you were trying to encourage to hold on.
    God Bless all of you.

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    I'm suppose to have the lapband prodcedure done. I'm real scared but if I don't the Dr's have said I won't last long. So I am awaiting for the insurance company to give the go ahead. My surgeon for the first 6 surgeries say's that any more surgeries done on me will be critical and life threating, but if I don't than I won't last long. So I wait and wait and wait!!!!
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    I sure do understand. My doctors have pressured me too. However, I do have one doctor that really surprised me. I was concerned over having the surgery as well because of all the infections that I have had in my legs (cellulites) that have been very serious. He said that he wouldn't advise it because of all the bacteria that could still be running around in there. I could end up with an infection that could harm me. I was very thankful. I think the reason why the doctors are really pushing this procedure is that they know that most people won't stay on a good nutritional diet to lose the weight like they should. So because of that, they think a quick fix will get things moving. Now I don't know all your circumstances, but I do know that there is going to be a nutritional plan AFTER the surgery in order to maintain that weight so you don't end up gaining it all back. I for one, would rather take a longer time losing it and making it stick with me than the quick fixes that perhaps, like an alcoholic, I would return to disaster. Nothing is a guarantee, dear. It is really all up to us to maintain what we want best in our life. I do suggest that you consier the lapband vs the gastric bypass. I gave the site up above in my opening statements where to go to get a more detailed description of each so you can make a better conscientious dicision.

    That link is very necessary. Please take the time to go there and look both of them over. I guess I have only one thing to say is this. If they are so concerned about you having any further surgeries because you might not make it, what is their justification in performing this SURGERY? It too is a surgery. The decision is really all yours, hon. I would pray about it and then do what you feel necessary to do. If you are in pretty good health to have it done, then do it. If not, then I would take measures to get into Weight Watchers or Medical Weight Loss Clinics, or somewhere where they will monitor your weight loss. But you HAVE to do it. Blessings. Be sure you have more than one doctor talking to you about it. A good internist and not just a family doctor. Plus, a surgeon is fine but they will only justify their reason for performing the surgery because that is their specialty. A really good doctor once told me that. Be sure to get a good second opinion to where they won't be biased in their decisions. :) God Bless you. I'll pray with you for this decision. Keep me posted. NOW, go to that link wayyyyyy up above in the beginning statements of mine. You'll see the link. Copy it and paste it in your browser.


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