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    Hi, thanx for the info on getting a profile anyway - while I was reading your profile I scrolled down and read about the flashes. Oh My GOD! I have them so bad I can't stand it. I used to be hypo - thyroid but now after 30 yrs Dr. says I don't need meds anymore. BUT what you wrote about the intestinal tumor stuff ... scares the s*** of of me. I am sheduled for a colonoscopy Feb 9. My mom has matasasized terminal cancer of which they cannot find what they call the ORIGINATOR. They believe it started in the colon even tho she doesn't have it there. She has stumped the dr. but itis so far advanced that I guess it doesn't really matter where it began. I just can't believe so many people have all the same symptoms as I do. I'm crying again I guess out of happiness at knowing I'm not imagining this terrible state I'm in and sharing it with other poor souls. I really have to go to bed, bye bye XXX
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    I just found your posting. I am glad you are getting the colonoscopy. Please insist on getting these flashes checked. Get the 24 h urine test. Tell them you want to be thoroughly checked for carcinoma. I cannot type right now, but I will try to post more info on this.

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