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    Thankyou everyone for your replies. Yes I bet you are right with the Rx's name of Depro Medrol. If it is a steroid I won't be able to take it tho. I almost died from a stomach bleed from Voltarin and they no longer will give me steroids. She tells me she gets a shot every 4 mos. so must be it.

    No I don't take my husband to daycare or leave him with anyone as he pleads with me to KEEP him and cries. I really don't know what stage he is in as his symptoms are a little of most of the stages all but the last (Thank the Lord) He repeats constantly and shadows me which is very nerve racking. He has had a heart attack and has Lung disease that requres to be given a nebulizer 3 times a day ..3 different inhalers . He is on Aricept and Namenda Lopressor and Lopid and a baby asa daily. He takes prednisone when lungs are real bad He can shower himself (has fallen out of the tub on to his back) shaves himself with an electric razor. He has trouble making a decision so if we eat out I must order for him He watches me eat and does the same as myself but will get confused( Yesterday I fixed egg salad sandwiches and soup. I sliced an apple and put carmel on the table to dip them in...He picked up his sandwich and spred the carmel over the outside of the bread on both sides. He ate it and I didn't say anything butthis is not unusual as he will throw things off his plate and even take food off my plate) He cannot learn anything new and will cry when he can't do things. He is always wanting to fix things and breaks many things for me. He will hide things. I see him heading for the basement and figure what ever he has will be lost forever now in the black hole of our basement. He takes a shower every night at 8 pm and will try to take another 5 min later. I tell him no and have him feel his hair so he will believe me. He cannot drive anymore..he was driving then one day he started the car and just sat there and said I know I must do something with this thing but forgot what...he was speaking of the gear shift. We were taken out for dinner with our daughter one nite and he wanted a beer but insisted they give him a straw.. I must watch him carefully as he got lost in a department store one day when he wandered off. I now have a bracelt for him. I have told all our neighbors about him. I could go on and on but think this answers your question. To put it in a short sentence He acts 2 years old at times. I did go to a support group but it made me very depressed. I think I do very well for him as just take one minute at a time and solve the problem and wait for the next one. Thankyou all and I send my love to all Lara
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    You are in a tough place.....

    For five years, I had my MIL in my home for 24/7 care for Alzheimers. Because I needed to continue to work 24-hours a week (not for just the money but health benefits) I had to hire someone to be with my MIL as she never could be left alone.

    I did not read if you were getting any help taking care of your husband?

    If you are not, the time will come you will. You need to leave the house to buy food, visit with a friend, go to the doctor, or just say sit in the library and veg.

    Ideally, you could have family members step up to the plate to help with this.

    Explore all avenues with your State..... your health insurance...... If you don't need the services now, still DO the investigating NOW. Get your "system" in place.

    We needed someone here for me to go to work....going to work was my "fun" out.

    The most economical approach I found in our situation was the Catholic Church. I called the diocese (my local church did not refer when I asked--they were not aware of this) and found they have a Respite Program, to give YOU the care giver a break.

    This program is not free, but the wonderful caretakers charged 1/3 the cost of going through a health agency. AND they were more reliable... the health agencies were not dependable.

    For five years, I took better care of my MIL than myself. When she died, I was a mess.....had had fibro for 15 years prior to her coming and did fairly well. I could not move by the time she died.

    Moral of this story, you have to FORCE yourself to take care of YOU.

    Good luck, dear one. June

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