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    Hi larayne,

    If you are on Medicare and don't have any insurance coverage for meds you qualify to get a drug card
    that gives price breaks on meds. My mother
    was paying $130 for one pill she takes and now
    she only has to pay $15. There are income limits as well.

    Go to a website named TogetherRX
    They have a form there to download and fill
    out. They also have a list of covered meds.
    Duragesic is on the list - I just checked it for you.
    Several drug companies got together for this
    program so drugs do no have to be from
    same manufacturer. Each drug company
    chooses their own discount. One drug my
    mother still had to pay $90 for but it was still
    a lot less than without this card.

    Please go to the site and see all the info for

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    Thank you so much, I have really been suffering because of the meds. I got lucky and found one replacement fro Great Earth that is called Jeevoni Jolt. It replaces the Provigal I HAVE to take or noon is my limit and this works great for that. BUT, I have moved from California to Colorado and of course they don't hace a program here like Medical which gives people like us with medicare a break so I have been pondering what am I going to do. AND, on another note, my e-mail is down until I figure out how to change the server and I haven't been able to remember how to do that. THANKS AGAIN.....BIG HUGS.......Pam2
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    I am so happy the info was useful for you.
    That is why I put a specific title and larayne's name
    so others could see what it was about.

    I have medicare and medicaid which covers meds.
    My mother only has medicare and many of her
    cancer drugs are sky high. The pharmacy person
    told my mother about it and it has helped so much.

    Hope you get your email problems cleared up soon.
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    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for the information. I just went to the site and downloaded the form. I really appreciate it.


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    for larayne