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    Hi larayne,

    I just read your message about Percocet, etc
    and stopping your meds. Please do not stop
    your meds cold turkey or you will get rebound pain or
    other side effects, headaches, etc.
    Taper them down slowly.

  2. larayne

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    That is very good advice you gave me. I will not do it cold turkey in fact I am going to ask my doctor to give me another Rx for the patch. (I dread the day I go in and have to do this as he can be so /////) If you read any more of my messages that stated I was in severe pain and couldn't get help. Finally after getting a message from madwolf I confronted my doc and he gave me the patch for 3 weeks. It is wonderful. I have hardly any pain and most of the time I am pain free. I am doing all things I enjoy and haven't been able to for a long time. I did over do it tho but gee it was like getting my life back. I had to pay for it tho and then the pain got worse. I was going to take a pill for it and discovered I was over due on the 72 hours. I put a new patch on and another pain. I did my work and went outside and helped my husband in the yard just like we used to do. What fun. I not only got my life back he has gotten his wife back. Hey that would make a good bumper sticker ! Anyway I would like to just use natural things but I can wait until this is better. Do you have FM and have you had a bad experience with the medicine? I hope you are having a good day today too. Larayne PS I tried to send you a message about the same as this.... but I am new on the board and don't know all the ins and outs of it plus new to a computer as well and didn't think it went through sooo if this is a repeat I really haven't lost it upstairs just computer stupid. Thanks again for your concern. I really appreciate it.
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    Hi Larayne,

    No, I haven't had a bad experience with the meds, I just
    wanted to make sure you didn't stop cold turkey!
    I have fibromyalgia, pretty sure CFS, scoliosis,
    degenerative disc, failed back surgery for fragmented
    disc (on SSDI ever since), multiple chemical sensitivities, allergies, polycystic ovarian diseases,
    IBS, etc, etc. The list could go on forever.
    I have extreme exhaustion and have been in a really bad flare since a year ago. My mother was diagnosed
    with breast cancer and then they thought ovarian
    in May. I spent 8 days in the hospital with her in
    a hospitality suite. Turned out not ovarain cancer.
    However, the physical toll of being there all that
    time and the emotional stress it took on me really
    set me back. I have been practically bed ridden
    ever since. My sleep cycle is backwards and I can't
    sleep until 6 and sometimes 10 a.m. Then I have
    to sleep all day. I am tired around the clock.
    I have been sick with flues and colds the past six
    months with no let up. I am hoping to get well enough
    to go in my neighbor's hot tub, which helps me immensely. Glad you are feeling better.
    I fear that I never will.
    Take Care,