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  1. pirtpain

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    For the past 10 months I have had large lumps in the front of the neck. They start around the ears and goes down the front of my neck,not as far as the throid area, and toward the back part of my neck,just alittle bit. They are hard and can't be felt entirely. It seems that it is too deep to grab.

    This is a list of things that I did.

    Went to reg. Internist in March. It was only on 1 side at that time. Her answer was, " I have seen larger ones than this," and she wasn't worried because it was only on 1 side.

    May - went back to her because it was now on both sides.
    She decides to check my thyroid. It is ok and she wants me to see an ears, nose, & throat specialist.

    Went to specialist, he didn't see anything in my throat. Ordered an MRI of my neck. Found what??
    He had no answer.

    Called the internist again. She said maybe I should try physical therapy. This does not make me happy!! The knots makes it hurt in the jaws and give me headaches.


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    I have had swollen lymph nodes for about 3 and 1 half years now. Had all kinds of test. Doctor does nothing. He said blood test was ok and this is common with cfs. I hate it and it scares the heck out of me. A matter of fact for a while that was all my post here was about. They will go away then come back, get small than large.
    Have you had a blood test? Do you have allergies? Tooth ache? It could be all kinds of things, (Infection) then again it could be just this wonderful thing they call cfs.
    Let us know ,...

    I dont know what in the world physical therapy could do. I finely told the doctor straight out I was scared and to once again assure me why he was not concerned about the swollwn lymph nodes. He did but I left thinking --- how come everyone doesnt have them?
    I hope you get better and find out what it is..
    Take care

  3. Slayadragon

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    I had a problem that sounded like this once. I went to my internist. He said that it could be caused by all kinds of things, the worst of which was lymphoma.

    I got rather freaked out by this, until I read on the Internet that pseudo-lymphoma is more common than malignant lymphoma.

    Moreover, I happened to have recently started taking an old anti-convulsant called Dilantin at the time. My readings suggested that this often causes pseudo-lymphoma. I stopped taking the drug and went back to my previous anti-convulsant (informing my drug doctor of this on my next visit).

    My internist sent me to a cancer specialist, but by the time of my appointment the lumps had started to go down. The oncologist dismissed me after less than a minute. Within a few more days, the lumps were gone.

    Still, if your lumps are like mine (and they do sound like they're not the typical swollen lymph nodes of CFS), you probably should have a quick visit to an oncologist. Lymphoma seems unlikely, but I would want it checked out to be sure.

    Maybe you should read a bit about lymphoma before you insist on seeing an oncologist in order to see if the symptoms seem to match. I can't exactly tell what yours look like based on your description.
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  4. pirtpain

    pirtpain New Member

    Thanks for the input. I didn't know the CFS could cause this to happen. I did have blood test for thyroid and signs of infection but nothing. Both my internest and the ears,nose, and throat specialist mentioned a needle biopsy

    but once they saw the MRI was clear they discounted it. Thanks for the input. I will consider the oncologist although I don't think my drs. will give me a referral. I will keep you posted.

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